Saturday, January 24, 2009

How bout' A Round of Applause?

It was kinda like a long drive home. Even before I started my journey, I could feel the Chinese New Year "feel" swelling, ballooning inside me. The sweet smell of trays and trays of freshly baked cookies all clashing together; dancing their way up to the warm air, friendly old versions of Chinese new year songs you sing-along in your heart, and the happy chatters of my family members re-creating the same old brand new atmosphere every year. They are all just memories.

It's like if you have a pair of microscopic eyes, you can see these music and aroma molecules colliding; rubbing against each others' bodies, creating this positive chi', energy that will then slowly fade throughout the year.

Nothing good lasts till the end. Do they? Here's the (sad) story:

Before all that Chinese New Yearsy thingy, I got a call from my ex-colleague saying that my claims (when I was working at Studio V) were all completely canceled and that I'll have to re-do them again. Yes, I've quit my job. Obviously.

It looks like now, they don't really wanna PAY, my friends.

They didn't know exactly what they were doing with such a fully equipped studio at the first place. They didn't know why they hired me. Rant again; they never knew what's gonna happen WHAT time at ANY day even when there's SUPPOSED to have a shoot at the studio. I was never informed. Or do you think it's logical if I say; it's MY job to inform MY self?! That's super ridiculous.


I confidently say I am a girl FULL of passion and the willing to LEARN. I love giving people creative ideas, courage, and the best of me. But if you don't know why you hire me; then I'm truly sorry I don't know how to help you or your fucked up company. Dee-You-Edge. (D-U-H)

Everyday I drive to 1U, unlock the door, have lunch alone, and lock the door again at 4. Rarely do these people have events going on and even if they do, no one took the responsibility to INFORM me. Instead of feeling like a Barbie vase, I think it's the BEST for me to STOP going on like this.

If I were 32, I don't mind going into my work place, hug my body, and get paid just doing that. But I am 22. I can do this for 5 years from now; but when I changed my job? What do I know to do. Berpeluk tubuh dan mencekak pinggang? Hello, what exactly are we talking about here?? A paper (resume) or real experience??? Correct me if I am wrong.


A lot of people might say I'm stupid for quitting without getting a job first. But the truth is, with Chinese New Year coming up and stuff; I really couldn't be bothered being hold back to do - Nothing. So it IS the right time, ain't it? Hopefully, the beginning of this Ox year marks a new beginning for me.

Anyway, it's good to be home again.

The final hour drive back to Labis was along this road. Labis is 20 minutes away from Segamat, 2 and a 1/2 hours drive to JB. So I'm not a JB girl, I'm a small town girl. ^^

In my Wonderwoman T-Shirt that SAVED MY LIFE! The morning glory story was that I, fell asleep for 5 SECONDS on the road while driving and ALMOST hit into a lorry on the left lane. (o.O)! Inconceivable.

So I slapped my face and kuatkan semangat to drive till I reached the next "Hentian Sebelah". Spent some bucks on an awfully sour unriped mango, and 4 Cikus. For fuck's sake, thank GOD I did NOT choke on those Ciku seeds or I swear I would DIE there and then!

Worrying about that kept me awake; yes. But after my fruits and worry faded away, my eye lids felt super heavy again. That's really dangerous. So I started cam-whoring, and THAT'S HOW you get the two fantabulous pictures above!! *Ehem Ehem!*

3 hours crawled so slow I almost became mee-cheen-kay (mad dog in Korean). Then,

TA DAAAA!!! I'm H.O.M.E, MAMA'!!!!! ;D

Jeng! Jeng Jenggg!! As the gates opened up for muah~

Summoned Called upon my maid to help carry my bags, and half-way through walking to the kitchen, I saw THIS! :

A HEAVEN of cookies, LABELED! The cookies I've been telling you about since the START! My mum baked em' all of course~ Now the memories are dreams come TRUE! :DDD

And I think I forgot to mention the number of eggs used per day this week.....

Had "pah-un jian".

Fried Pah-Un with serunding ikan at the center of the soft bun. This a Terengganu delicacy. (My mum's from K.T.)

Had a glorious, GLOOORIOUS lunch that tastes beta than ANY restaurants out there! :

4 dishes for the 4 of us.

Scrambled eggs (70% egg WHITE so NO FAT & Cholesterol) with crab meat and shark fin under a bed of (organic) lettuces~

The 4 TREASURE Fried Plate:
1. Fried Lotus sandwiched with Prawn Meat
2. Fried "Crab Date" - jin coh
3. Fried Tiny Meat Balls with Almond Flakes
4. Fried Home-made Tofu + Lingam Chili Sauce!

:D :D :D :D

Here's a close-up of the fried lotus sandwiched with 100% pure minced prawn paste. I promise it's so good I ran out of words to explain here! I'm so sorry~!

KING Prawns coated with Sweet Spicy Sauce~! *FUYOH*

Fried lala meehoon hinhua style (my mum is xin hua ren) and so am "half of I".

Pipping HOT Shark Fin SOUP!!!

With many many lil' pieces of treasures inside! I like the fish moe BEST! And don't forget to add in a dash of black VINEGAR, man~!


Sticky glutinous rice with lak cheong! A boost of CNY reunion feel~!

Braised Sea Cucumber with Gigantic Mushrooms & Gingko Nuts.

Egg straws, minced meat, and an island of black fungi.

Traditional Classic Chicken Soup...

... with Abalone!!!!! :D.. *SLURPS~!*

*SLURPS baybeh, SLURP me UP~!*


Am NOT gonna miss KL anytime soon. But if YOU, or anyone you know is looking for a Marketing / PR person, "slurp me up" / email me @; I would lurrve to go for an interview anytime after my glorious CNY celebrations.

Till then KL, goodbye~! And Happy Gong Xi Fa Chai, folkies!!! *;D

p/s: Shouldn't ya'll wish me too, and a generous round of applause for my mother? Cuz you better get ready to FEAST your eyes with more home-cooked restaurant dishes THIS WEEK!!!