Friday, January 30, 2009

U're So Gay.

Do this just once. Think of this as me exaggerating a story. I can tell you, I'm not. But do this just once for me. Because the run down of conversations you are about to read hurts me to begin with, but I would love to end them now.


This is not a story about love, but friendship. When I say "friendship", I mean the people I'd loved for years; regardless of what they've done, what they did, why they do what they do. Forgiving tho I never forget, I still accept them for who they are because we are all human beings and we make mistakes. However, to what extend can we be lenient when it comes to morality?

It's still the Chinese Niu Year season and I don't want to spoil it for anyone, especially you. But these people I love, spoiled it for me like fuckers do.


Yesterday, a couple of my friends and I went out for Bubble Tea where I obviously didn't go bubbles...!


After joking and fooling around for a bit, we started planning a schedule for the night (of who's house we should go to first and so on). So I called a guy friend I've know for TEN years, and here's what he replied to what I said...

"Hello, can we go to your house later?"
"No, you can't."
"Huh, why?"
"Not convenient lah."
"That's weird... But it's Chinese New Year!"
"Why don't you calculate the number of heads coming and I'll pass the angpows to you and we call it a day?"

I was stoned. NEVER in my life have I EVER heard a CHINESE man say this during CNY.

"Do you seriously think we want your money? How can you say that!? We want to go to your house because it's Chinese New Year!"

"You know what; forget it. You don't have to come along tonight either."

He said "OK."

How rude was that? He didn't even bother to apologize?!

If he, by any chance reads this (which I highly doubt cuz he doesn't understand English), listen:


Cuz I'll NEVER talk to this bastard again until the day he says SORRY. This is just so gay.



Patrick was obviously not bothered by these whimps. He just slurped his bubbles away~! lol... That's why I like Patrick. He balances me out. (:

Well I thought the drama was over but no. There's this girl, *Ali who used to be my BFF and I've also known her for 10 years. Apparently, she used to mix around with the "bad kids" but after we became friends, we started singing English songs from my Daisy Duck songbook together I cut out from Galaxy magazines, while she taught me how to sing Mandarin songs. We started to love learning, exchanging clothes, talking on the phone for hours etc... but for some reasons, the guys disliked her.

The second year we were friends, the guys started to dislike me too. (very mou gu okay!) Someone approached me and said it's either I choose them, or her. I chose HER of course, and all the guys started to boycott US for a year - until Ali and I both split into Science and Accounting stream. I was the only Chinese girl in Science class with 10 other guys. We had a good laugh about what happened and all became buddies again.


I used to think they were so childish, but today I realized where they were coming from. They didn't want me to get influenced by Ali, simply because I was loved.


So the 4 of us planned to go to *Ben's house. Ben is somehow blood-tied to me but we rarely talk. However, he grew up with Ali because they are neighbors. FYI, Ali couldn't make it to Ben's house because she had to go to Genting Highlands. So I asked:

"Since you can't make it tonight, can I have Ben's number? Maybe the rest of us can go."

She hesitated.

"I think you should wait till I come back first."

(Hello? Isn't that equilavent to a "NO" to my request for a TELEPHONE NUMBER???)

In my heart, I was screaming like "Jesus Christ OMG!" but I just hung down my head and smiled to such an answer - only a shameless woman like her can afford to give.

Before silence could spread and fill the gaps between us, she scadily offered me Ben's number.

"So... Do you still want it?"

I really can't understand all this, can you? What's the big deal of giving someone a NUMBER? She has a boyfriend for 4 years, and even if she might want to use Ben as a spare tyre, Ben is still some sort of my relative anyway!


Trust me, if I were to ask for another guy's number, the same thing would happen. And if I were to really bitch, I could list down a whole shitload of petty things done as I just close one eye.


The day I drove back from KL, I had a feeling that my friends are in KL. I got a bit worried that I am slowly becoming a fake KL-ite, but I guess it doesn't matter anymore. I might have been around city but I'm still the same girl they used to know. My "friends" are back at home all this while, but they are now ugly inside out.


My one and only friend who never fail to let me down now is Airene. FYI, DIGI chose MY DEDICATION to Airene and the video will be shot THIS -

SUNDAY 1st Feb 09,
Sg. Wang Plaza!!!!!

Wanna watch me make Airene CRY?



I want to see you ALL there so we can ALL make her cry me a RIVER. Deal??? ;D