Thursday, January 8, 2009

Sexy Shortie Can I ?

No matter how short this post would turn out to be, I don't care. They're just too many pictures taken back from 2008 I haven't finished sharing; and in a flash of dark light, it doesn't matter if you are ready or not; the calender marks a new beginning for all of us.

It's like an old tape you have to hit replay annually. Everyone's tape plays a different type of music, a different genre of movie. This piece of tape, you have listened to 22 times before, or maybe more - So many times you couldn't remember, but you still have to hit the "Play" button. Why? Nobody screams "ENCORE!"? Why let's say... Can you
not wind a clock with no batteries but a key?

Today we are entering the 2nd week of 200nine. It feels blue. It's like the weather here today in Malaysia (if anyone reading this is overseas). The sky is bright, but not blue. It
feels very blue. Streaks of sun rays pierce through the thin but heavy, motionless grey clouds. I'm amazed by such contrasting view:


Anyway. Since blue is the theme for today, blue it is for today's post. No no, don't worry! It's not going to make you
feel blue; I just manipulated my OCD and color coordinated my pictures into colors! And I also realized that I wear blue each time I hang out with cool people like KY and Kenny Sia! It just so happens, man.

I shall start with KY. You might have read his post on this, but here's my version because I
cannot tahan unshared pictures (cuz if they are labeled "unshared", I can't transfer em' to Dirve D)! I know, I know... I have weird weird waysss of doing things.

Anyway, my promise is: There are
no repeated pictures from kyspeaks or ;)

Magnificent Fish & Chips with KY Speaks

SEE? I was wearing blue. ^^

With KY - the most kind, helpful, fair, and friendly guy I know. Not
yim cim too!

KY's famous camera ha ha ha... The first time I met KY and we had dinner at SOMO, my mind was
electrified! to see that funny-looking white "fan" thingy which; actually makes all his pictures look so fantabulous~! So tho it's heavy, it's worth carrying this baby along. ;)

The COMPLETE Guinness Christmas shot glass designs in a row~

Look how the word "
magnificent" is BOLD-ED. lol!

Michael Angelo 's with Kenny Sia & Ringo

Next up is with Kenny Sia and springy Cheesie! I don't know why springy, but its a feeling each time I see her; as if she is so happy to see you she springs up like a spring(?)... Or your favorite pet asking for more... CHEESE!? Now I really don't know if I should delete this strange description of Ringo. o.O

See?! Springy~!~!~! HeheHaha!!

Kenny Sia was wearing white and blue too. :D OK please don't judge him from this picture, check out the one BELOW! :

Seductive Smile Ring-a-Rose | Macho Smile Mr. Sia | & Me.....

I think I would go for
Simplicity. And oh ya, you can also read the actual post on this food review here.

Annnyyyway, for another blue colored post infused in an absolutely different perspective, is
a double-chilled outing with Eri, and mind you! This is a fresh one where the event took place in 200nine. I guess that's what happens when it's not Pink Labeled... ;P