Friday, January 9, 2009

It also Rains in Heaven...

Surprises can come in many forms and ways, but there are some surprises that are better present to us like an unwrapped gift. Yes, just like the weather. There was no sun on Sunday last weekend; which leaves this Sunday a mystery. Why that's if you don't cheat and check the weather forecast!!!

A surprise downpour is just pure tragic if you planned to do a picnic at the park, BBQ by the pool, or even as common as driving up to our good ol' overrated Genting Highlands. I'm really not a fan of Googling weather forecasts. Are you??

Conservatively, I "traditionally" believe that if a planned trip is
fated to happen, it will happen without any obstacles. If an obstacle occurs, it must be a sign. A sign that you'd better take note of - cuz God can't come down from the sky to warn you! He can only give you signs so that you think twice before proceeding with your plan.

Well who knows. You might get sting by a bee during picnic(?), barbecue your hand instead of the chicken wing(?), or (touch wood) get involve in an accident while driving up to Genting - just because you choose to ignore the rain!


I wasn't babbling for no reasons. The relation between the above and this post, is a continuity from my older post entitled "no Sun Day on Sunday" - A trip to Penang.


There were originally 3 parts to this post, and the 1st one was supposed to leave the readers with a guess on where we went after gluttoning, right? However, something worse than an unexpected downpour happened. My picture codes for the entire Penang Post 2 was ter-deleted. =/

Kiss my ass. I'm so lazy. Too
bo lat to retrace the codes from Flickr again, so let me offer you the answer instead. We went to the Penang Jazz Festival and actually, the pictures taken were all displayed as my Heineken slide last month (Dec 08). So you didn't miss out that much and instead, got a shortcut to Penang Part 3!

Farah and Jade Z savouring Penang Prawn Mee in a hawker stall!

Who dares to put that
wholeee tablespoon of sambal in their mouth?! HA HA HA!!! =P

Or would you prefer
heh ko!? LOL!!! =PPP

Had marvelous egg tarts for high-tea~

See! I told you
each time I take pictures with Tim he will pull a funny face for me. Sighhh~ Has anyone asked him why?!

Farah | Nick John | Anoo | Tim | Kah Wai | JZ | Jeremy | Sha Lin | Gladys

My favorite part of this trip is pretty extraordinary. It was our mission to search for the famous
Roti Benggali bakery shop! :DDD

And we FOUND it!!!

I bought 2 loaves and a cup of homemade kaya. Steam, toast, or just by itself - this chewy dough tastes AWESOME. Now you know where to find this
roti!!! Spot the bakery stall's name in the picture? Now if you're at Penang, go ask around!

As we chewed on our tasty plain bread uncontrollably, we journeyed a bit down South to Ipoh in search for :

Taugeh Ayam KueTiau for dinner.

It was raining cats and dogs I swear it was hell-ish. We even lost our way so many times and had to ask localites around for directions...

Just like in the American movies where city boys got lost in a cowboy town and had
no choice but to stop by at haunted gas stations asking for directions. o.O?!

Arrived: Shop busy as HELL!

But dinner was tasty and hearty. I enjoyed every bit of it. I even bumped into SUZ!!! One of my loyal Pink Label readers~ (((:


This ends my 3 parts Penang post. Oh ya! I haven't even blogged about my 22nd birthday, Christmas, Nuffnang S'pore X'mas party, and so much more!!!!!

But in the meanwhile, let's approach one step at a time. It's now 2.48 AM. Good night, people... I'm veeery sleepy. @@