Sunday, January 4, 2009

no Sun Day on Sunday.

Good Sunday, everybody! Today I'm going to write about my trip to Penang. (=

There'll be a number of pictures of only just me... so please just bear with it.

Two cars drove up to Penang. One's Kah Wai's orange Gen 2 and the other, my red Nissan Latio. We departed around 9 to 9.30 PM and throughout the whole journey, I was half-sleeping until we reached the bridge; which was the moment I'd been waiting for. To capture the picture above of course! Lame attempt, but what a handsome PROVE this artistic picture makes, man... No??? (If you say yes, let me confess that I was just joking shit! LOL)

We reached passed midnight and as soon as I breathe in Penang air, I felt hungry. There wasn't any smell of FOOD, but I felt hungry. Must be some psychological chemistry dancing inside me. Hahaha! So we went for Nasi Kandar and Roti... Benggali? Bengkali? o.O?

Muka pelahap yang just bangun tidur. Zzzzz!

You really must know this about me. I EAT. I really CAN eat. I eat anything and everything almost anytime! For example, I bought a cheap Gingerbread man for Christmas because I never had one. Jeremy broke off its lil' right leg and couldn't even afford to take a second bite! He then broke off its left leg for me (cause I have this thing where I just CAN'T afford to destroy anything with a face on it) and it certainly turned out awfully tongue-numbing to me! However, as we chit-chatted the time away... Jeremy suddenly GASPED and said:

"Did you just finish it? I thought you said it was awful!"




Yea, I did! I finished my gingerbread leg and it's right hand too. ): I AM a PELAHAP! Who lives to eat; just like me. Tell me, tell me. Tell me so I won't feel that bad!

Second day arrived effortlessly, even after sleeping for 5 hours in the car. Here's the hotel room I stayed in. RM200 a night okay! Sigh my ol' heart out~

Love the pillows! Heart the blankie! Oh so cosy~!

Yeee~!!! Even the curtains felt cosy!

OK I was WAITINGGG so I got bored sick, alright! Who doesn't cam whore in the hotel room?!

Hit the Penang roads with Farah | JZ | Audrey | Sha Lin | and Gladys, as we carik makan...

p/s: Do you like my ala Nicole Richie maxi-dress? :DDD

Seductive Gladys and I. Check out that sexy pair of eyes, man!

Nick John | Sha Lin | Aud | and Farah, feasting on Lo Bak and Chee Cheong Fun...

Look at me. I couldn't even bother to concentrate on the camera. All I SEE is food, and there I went dreaminggg.....

p/s: KY you must die-die take me to Penang eat those realll good stuff!!!

Eat until sleepy dan kerongkong berapi.

OOO Jian!!! OOO JIAN!!! You see my OOOR cute ka?

OOO = Oyster. Jian = Fried. In Hokkien.

Chee Cheong Fun close-up.

Char Kuey Teow 's close-up.

Get dirrrty, babe~! Alwaysss remember to wipe your mouth after eating, boys and girls. You never never know... you never never know... :)


Back to the hotel lobby where we EAT, again. I really don't know what to say. This post is really turning out to be un-educational and effortlessly encouraging people to be obese! o.O!

Eating ba gua (smoked babi; got chicken also). And it's not even CNY yet. =///

Drank thirst-quenching icy queen teas and juices, cooling dry prickly throats.

Yes, it's me again. OK la I show you pictures of some guys...

This is spotlight Nick John (I really like his name!) playing with the awesome camera.

And this is long hair Jeremy, who also wanted to play with the camera. -_____-"


After wasting enough time we went back to our rooms to shower and get ready to go out again!!!

Audrey | Jade Z | and Farah, all dolled-up classically. Now this is the MOST. INTERESTING. PART. I. LURRRVVVEEE~!!!!!

Guess where were we goin'!?!?! *wink winks*

I, guess... You'll just have to STAY TUNE~!!!