Thursday, December 11, 2008

You, (yes you) Make Me Shine.

"Once upon a time,
1162 balloons were sent up to the sky, and only;
10 would be chosen & given a chance to be in the running to realize;
10 original, unique, aspiring dreams, and also receive;
10 ten thousand ringgit cash each!"

I, was one of them.

laid nicely on my lil' neat table.

birthday breakfast:
1 grilled crunchy Fuji apple, 2 oven-baked lovely pears, & Dutch Lady Shine yogurt drink.

With my birthday gift from Dutch Lady:
RM1000 sent from the sky!

On my birth day:
21st Nov


Believe it or not,
I am NOW entering Stage 2 where:

3 lucky dreamers will get a chance to win FIFTEEN THOUSAND (yes 15K!) cold, hard, cash each, on 5th January 09'!

Does my balloon have enough Helium this time; to fly higher than the rest? Well, 50% of that depends on YOU, while the other 50% is in the hands of the panel judges.

So let me put my faith in you, Pink Label readers, for me to be one of 3 lucky winners!

JZ 's Pinky Promise if she Wins? :

Voters will get a chance to plan a (or more) fun trip to an orphanage / old folks home / SPCA, together with Miss Jade Z!!!

We shall form a young vibrant group with a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, ahli jawatankuasas, bla bla bla, and DO IT, man! DO IT!

I think it's time we do something for others. (:

Pink RecaP :

Since Stage 1 was to send a balloon with your dream written on it, Stage 2 was to really put your dream into visual; which means you write, direct, and act in your own 2-minutes-dream-video.

Here are some on-set pictures for your fun, viewing pleasure~! :DDDDD

Ala Cindy... Janganlah merajuk...

To find out why I was sulking, you'll have to watch, the, video here, man!!!

Explaining exactly what I want to the video man... *Puts on Pink Director Cap*

Sound quality check. *Puts on Pink Audio Engineer Headphones*

Video man refining great generated ideas...

Autograph session!!!

More shots On-Set :

DSC01285 DSC01331 DSC01319 DSC01325

LO & BEHOLD! Finally ARRIVED was the time when I SANG a very naisss Malay song!!!!!

Ok, buy my EP its in stores now! =P

This cute video man who looks like:

5566's Wang Ren Fu! Seriously.


Thank you, Jordan!

Ever sweet and carefree Beelin from Dutch Lady... Thanks to you too~! ^^

*Puts on sweet Pink Diva Voice and mellowly says* :

Watch my (comedic) video and vote for me! & PLEASE do tell me if you get what I was trying to portray in the video. HAHAHA!!! I swear to God.....


Buy any SHINE products and peel off sticker adheres on cap to reveal a unique code.

Click on Cindy Tey, watch the video ffs (for FUN sake) and vote for her!

Wait for the results, and who knows; we might be on da' wheels to an orphanage visit soon! :D

Get inspired.

Last but not least,

"Here I send my gratitude to all of my kind, helpful supporters, colorful fans, loyal readers, family & friends... To Wang Ren Fu, Michael Jordan, & Winson for fetching me around, and of course not to forget, DUTCH LADY SHINE for giving me this chance to SHINE."