Saturday, December 13, 2008



Princess Jade Z is






where can princess Jade get speedy lighting, bolt-like Internet connection? beta needs to upload her silly singing video.....

anyone? pig me up & we go online somewhere on this wonderful weekend? ))):


I can't believe this! I saw sweatlee's comment on my previous blog post, and when I rombong (buat rombongan to) her blog, I read her TWO dreams which are my TWO most wished dreams too!

It's a lil' different, but here's the story.

#1. To be a HOT wife & SEXC mother.
I actually wrote this when filling up the form for Miss Astro Pageant; which got me in the 2nd audition, but because I got MDG's reply first, I let that go.

I wonder where would that take me. Perhaps MDG is a mistake you know... It's not as successful and professionally done as much as most of us, I believe, expect it to be. If you know what I mean.

MAP actually emailed me TWICE and even called up my dad to ask me join them (when I was locked up in that bloody old bungalow) okay~ So I guess dreaming of being a wife / mother is a very honorable dream after all! But since 15K can't find me a husband, I shall dream a dream of being a singer. hehe!

#2. To open a CHILD CARE Center!
I told my mum when I was younger that I would love to open a child care center when I reach age 30, but she said I would cry cuz it's not all circus wonderland as what I think it would be. But HEY! I still want to open a child care center!

Maybe Sweat and I should join venture and do something like this when we grow older! Like the whole center would be cupcakely funfairish and painted with blue skies and fluffy puffy clouds, and have real green grass INDOORS~! *GASPS!* I can feel an adrenaline rush kickin' my ass hard now lol!


However, all this doesn't mean my shiny shining dream to be a singer is a lie. Because with 15K at age 22, alone, you can't really open a child. care. center. You know; get REAL. hahaha!!!

So I'm acting my age, acting 22, and dreaming like a twenty-two, And thanks to my Fairy God Mother Sweatlee, once I clicked her blog, my silly singing melodic video upload finally berjaya!

I actually left my laptop on since last night to upload the video OKAY! And it never worked until I canceled it and reformat the video size, reupload, and, BLAH!

So here it is, JZ's clean cut video. NO fancy editing, NO special lighting effect, did NO practice for my singing, just ME randomly singing, AT my hall one lonely Friday night.

ENJOY! *fingers crossed!*

p/s: please mute me first until the video finished buffering, will ya? lolz~ agen, you know what I mean!!!