Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Max is Maxis is Max !

Dell Mini 9 brought me closer to a friend. After a girls' day out by Maxis Broadband, Ringo or Cheesie, had a sleep-over at my Mt. Kiara apartment. All the cheesy, cliche' things you would most probably see in a chick-flick movie we did till about... 3 A.M? And the next early morning we were in our beekeenees and Dell Minis lazing by the pool bimboly.

Lazy to make up okay.

Happy legs don't necessarily have to be shaved, do they? :pp

Happier hearts!! *(,")(",)*

Happiest of all, thanks to Dell Mini Nine.

Dell Mini 9 weighs LESS THAN 1.1KG and it's just SO, SO convenient to bring it around anywhere. I swear I would NEVER EVER bring my heavy, old potato laptop to the pool. It's just so not cool. Na ah~ no no! Cute Korean hunks might think I'm a geek, and not tech savvy!!!

Special Guest Starring: Ringo from Cheeserland; your hot beekeenee babe for the day!

I told you we were happy. & damn funny too! I have a video but I think Ringo would most prolly slaughter me IF I post it up so..... HAHAHA!!! *sshhh*


With Dell Mini 9, you can carry your laptop anywhere you wish, and go online anytime you want.

Mobility, transportability, and extra convenience, is the one & only Dell Mini 9; the first 9 inches beauty with a Built-in HSPA modem with Maxis broadband service embedded inside perfectly!

And if I..........


Guess where I was?


Well, I was at an event @ The Apartment KLCC. As the mingling crowd were busy partyin', mingling, feasting and drinkin', this girl just sat quietly at one lil' cozy corner, opened up "her" shiny white lil' Dell Mini 9, and started blogging happily, as she missed Ringo for a bit...

But hey! There's MSN, no?!?!?! :DDD

Aahhh~ Convenience. Get connected anywhere and everywhere.

*If you are planning to get MAXIS Broadband-ready DELL Inspiron Mini 9, here's an Affordable and Easy Payment Scheme! Pay for as low as ONLY RM99 for 24 months, and you can own this beauty~!