Thursday, December 18, 2008

JZ in da' Studio yo!




With QUIRKY modernistic designed SEXC red sofa and chairs~!


Say "HI" to me, my friends!!!

I literally mean, COME SAY "HI"!!!

I'm in STUDIO V, and this is a picture of my BIG BOSS and The Star fellas having a meeting this morn.

FYI, (which I bet most of you don't yet know), I QUIT my OLD JOB as a copywriter about 2 weeks ago (5th DEC to be EXACT), and I'm pretty happy I DID!!! Nothing felt more sure than making this (RIGHT) decision.

Being a copywriter was fun. I love churning ideas and producing creative scripts, hearing them on radio, sometimes even your own voice... However, it came to a point where the scripts were graveyarded into a folder I created; plainly called "Scripts".

So cut the crap. Basically, I just didn't have confirmed scripts to write. I just create, create more, and recreate, just like the Jade Rabbit on the moon still pounding medicine for Chang'er since forev. Can you imagine me doing this for the next 5 years THEN quit my job? Where can I GO and what can I DO??? I seriously don't know.

Lucky for me, I might live in my own world most of the time but I, am dead RATIONAL when it comes to CERTAIN things you just have to be certain about.

On 8th December, my ex boss from Marcomm (Marketing & Communications) and bigger boss, Lucy called and offered me a job as a Coordinator for STUDIO V. Ain't this fucking AWESOME?! I didn't know there IS such a FUN job for me during
recession! lol

TOTAL AWESOMENESS - 3 CAMERAS linking back to:

CHIO~!!!!! So THE MANY screens you noticed?

My *NEW* cool colleagues / technicians / buddies !!! :DDDDD

I really have to thank myself for quitting my dry job and also, LUCY for giving me this opportunity to BE here in this GORGEOUS new studio!

Where. I. Sit.

Lighting damn nice kan? Kaaannnnn~???

JZ bought a whole bucket of ORGANIC green seedless RAISINS (one of my expertises is to gobble up buckets of raisins if you noticed it's written @ the side bar of my blog) from an organic shop / cafe. I'm SO gonna dine there everyday from now on!!!

So here's the story, morning glory. If you happened to BE here at 1 Utama during lunch time OR tea time, please gimme a call, drop me a message here, or MSN, or Facebook, and makan with me can???

I'm fine dining alone, but I would lurrrve to have company... *blush!* But on the other hand, I can never understand why some people just can't EAT ALONE. Is it the EGO, or what?! Because at the end of the day, no one really CARES if you eat alone, shop alone, or pees alone wtf!?

I got to know a *NEW* friend call Mrs Chua today. She looks so beauty (yes I don't want the -ful) and resembles Xia Xue (in 10 more years to come) a bit! I dined with her and she kept on insisting to belanja me damn paiseh okay?! So I kept saying paiseh until she
finally gave in and we wish we will meet each other again some day.

Mrs Chua's has a daughter and a son; like me and my brother. Her daughter however, is at Dubai and her son at UK. Sigh~ Envynyerrr! They will both be back to Malaysia for CNY but in the meantime, brother will visit his sister @ Dubai during X'mas first. Awww~

OK I certainly have NO IDEA why I'm telling you bedtime stories when the movie will be out soon anyways. LOL!

Bottom line is, I'm glad I can even befriend an Aunty. This is why you MUST find me for lunch. =p

Today is my 1ST day at work so there's nothing much to do really. Cuz we haven't get the license to do shows and stuff, and the studio manager would probably only come in in Febuary 09'. So I'm basically.....

Facebooking, and..........

You know...


But I'm reallly looking forward to 98.8, Red FM, and also Suria FM to conduct more interviews and ALSO, bring in MORE artistes from all over the World to STUDIO V!!! Then I can take pictures with
WANG LEE HOM and DIE here! And why would I mind that really. Hahaha.