Wednesday, December 17, 2008


If you don't remember, or if you try not to remember (because you're so upset the tickets were fully booked so fast!), here's something EXCLUSIVE for you that you can't get ELSEWHERE.

Today, 17th Dec is the Opening Night for MAMMA MIA The Musical; which is in aid of charity, and ticket prices range from RM450 to RM900! Madness can??? Despite the number of people who are willing to spend, I'm also sure that the number of people who mm seh tak burn their pockets will not be any lesser.

So let's begin with some pictures shot in the Red FM studio.

Casts of Mamma Mia the Musical; interviewed by DJ JD & Dilly.

Two main casts; mother and young-bride-to-be, Sophie looking laid-back and relaxed in da' house~

OK, I noticed Biggggg Boobs. Could be another reason to watch this musical? Hahaha!!! =P

A very sweet picture of Dilly I managed to capture, and I heart her orange Topshop beret okay! Was thinking of getting the black one, but I don't look nice in hats, caps, or anything under the sun that wraps my head lah! Sad. They are cool wardrobe items... ))))):

Ex-trainee Sabrina, in a nicely framed picture kan? Who's the photographer?!!! LOL

Jade Z & some kemanisan Sabrina Tai. lol

A final picture with the casts of Mamma Mia, direct from London's West End!!!

"You have sung along to ABBA's hit songs and perhaps just watched the movie; but now is the time to catch the stage musical extravaganza Mamma Mia! live in Kuala Lumpur. Set to make its debut here this Christmas and New Year holiday season, the best-selling London's West End show is a glittering blend of comedy and music that has delighted over 30 million people worldwide."

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p/s: I actually have a short video of the casts singing "Mamma Mia" unplugged, but thanks to my dodgy connection dudes, we can't share it now. Is there anyone who knows how do I come about getting Fiber Optic connection for my home? kamsahamida.