Friday, November 7, 2008

Why do We Wait to Love.

Is it true when they say the world is the same anywhere? That people are the same. You can't change them, but you can only change yourself. I think the "World" is actually divided into two- the City world, and the Country world. Yes, exactly like the Mouse story.

Being a country mouse, I'm so used to seeing teenage kids riding motorcycles without their helmets on their heads; the schoolboys with their shirts tuck-out, girls letting go of their chemically straightened hair, while the Malay boys and girls alike are always in their neatly ironed uniforms... I missed those scenes, ya?

If you're on your way home in the bus, you see Astro satellites on wooden houses along parallel narrow roads. The aunties will be watching #333 so they will have the Hokkien dramas to share with their neighbors in the evening. The uncles will be having chit-chat sessions in kopitiams over kaya toasts and cold coffees without their ice cubes. Then at night, the whole family will have dinner together and summarizing their daily updated tales under faded lanterns from Chinese New Year every last years.

Unlike the country, in this lost city I'm in I see many (i mean so many) married or divorced men and women. =/ I'm still not used to this (ugly) scene (if i can call it), but I guess in time I will come to understand this culture.

In my country town, many "accidents" happened. Meaning... unwanted pregnancy. When I was 17, one of my best friend, *Eve's YOUNGER sister aged 15, got pregnant with her ex-boyfriend's son. She kept it as a secret for 3 months. A few months later, they simply got married. A year later, she gave birth to another son. But the thing is, this dad used the money he earned to buy those toy cars which uses real petrol; instead of his sons' milk powder!!!

I went to visit this couple one day with Eve but the mum and first son happened to be sick. The second baby; which was about 1 year old was in the cradle and there's no telephone in the cold AND dark EMPTY house. )))= I felt so sad and nothing but upset with the father who was obviously absent... They are still together as one until today, but he told my friend *Lucifer that he wishes he could still have fun.

Guys, please sarung your penis well. Your demon seeds will cause misery; when it's not the right time.

Incidents like that do happen to the city mice, but I guess it's a more different sense which; I've no right to comment on just YET. (still observing)

I actually wanted to talk about the differences between living in the city, and country. Don't know how much you know me; but I tend to walk a biggggg round to hit my ONE point. And I never feel exhausted sharing thoughts and stories, but I on the other hand get exhausted worrying if you might think I'm so po ma. Hahaha... It's true! I worry too much. It's a sickness with no cure.

Flying my thoughts back to Tassie Land (obviously very country), I was this one very happy girl. I felt little, but my heart felt as wide as the sea. My hair was so long then..... I was really very chirpy and cheerful. I wouldn't deny that I had haters, but I felt more loved; so much more than any where I've been to.

My dear Kin Wai, my real angel Felix, lovely, lovely Airene, Najib Sani the cutest president ever, Vaseist my MACHA' & his good ol' brown car he sometimes fetched me to Uni with... Kamini Lynette darling, Ain & Tracy so far yet so near... I can't bear missing all these sweetest moments I once had in my decorated life like honey droplets onto the tip of my tongue, tingling the tip of my heart. I miss quivering for all that sweetness.

My darlings... darlingsss.....

Artsy people click betta togetha. Hahaha!!!

GIRL POWER!!!!! ;)

Kamini and her waitress friends @ Smokey Joe's back then... (2007)

It wasn't very long ago to be exact, but it definitely felt like its been 3 years away...

The CRAZY dance moves @ Kamini's PINK room!

Tracy accessorized with ALL of our stuffs! hahahaha~ And that's my faithful golden bag which; I brought to work TODAY! =D

Everywhere I go, there'll bound to be people who hates me. It's a fact I can't hide. Something I'm so SO used to I sometimes feel I HAVE TO feel proud of it. But at any ground I placed my foot on, I'm (also) bound to find an angel out of a hundred friends. Sometimes more, never none. From the good times, to the bad times, you slowly grow with these people and the ones left in the end when you're in the deepest well, is what I call a Friend.

SO when people say, "You so busy, so many FRIENDS... Nobody dates you meh???"

I know the total number of friends I have on F/B is deceiving, and I only know 2++ out of 2+++; but what is your definition of F.R.I.E.N.D.S? My "friends" are all divided and put into lists and I only go / hang out with a handful.

Why waste my your time and energy layaning people you don't feel comfortable with? I tried mingling around and even forced myself to socialize, and I honestly find that very very tiring. Sitting down on the couch alone naked with my baby blanky, starring outside the window listening to Mia Palencia is so much more comfy. Sometimes, I'll call a friend or two to come over, and we talk about the Big Questions. I like it like that. One at a time. I believe in knowing each person deeply and thoroughly before moving on to the next one.

I honestly don't think I want to know if you think this is right or wrong. Because nobody taught or influenced me this; so I guess this is the real me I found. I want my FRIEND to feel lucky to have a friend like me, as much as I love to feel lucky to have him / her.

The Darling Group managed to have a gathering the other day. Kamini flew in from Singapore. Tracy from Sri Langka, Ain just came back from Australia, and we all met here where. I. am. ...

In Ain's car when the lights went Red ORANGE!!! Please don't copy us. =P

A betta picture after a few takes. ^^

I was actually very sick that day. Cause I ate 12 CIKU(S) in 1 morning! =X I immediately got an awful as hell sorethroat, my bff F.L.U, and a slight fever. I almost gave up waiting but I stayed back in the office till 9pm for Ain to pick me up. It's so so hard to meet GOOD friends from all over Earth, you know??? If only you could imagine how hard that is...



The BEST salad I've ordered SO FAR with lean chunky turkey meat leafed ova' fresh crisp lettuce garnished with dainty CRANBERRIES!!

You don't know me.

The FABULOUS Fish & Chips.


Gorgeous LADY Tracy!

Kamini loves Pinenuts!

More lovely pictures:

Sweet sweet melodies~~~

Apple crumble and... MUAHAHAHA!!! That awfully SINFUL damn thinggg I warn uuu~!

Coincidentally same color shirts! Semangat Sisterhood!! LOL

Sharing: yi ren yi ban, gan qing bu san. (one for everyone, feelings buey sua~ =/ Isn't that like... NO translation at all?! Somebody help!!! :p)

The above was sharing, this is POSING. Cuz I was sick and I couldn't eat that much... Apparently, chocolates and oven-baked stuffs are heaty, or maybe it's a myth. I'm not sure. )))=

Miss Lynette & Miss JZ.

Tracy | JZ | Ain J | Kamini LYNETTE

I shall end this with a kiss. ^x^