Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Quack! Quack!

Notice the change of my header?! That's righttt,
It's DUCK WEEK People!!!

In conjunction with celebrating DUCKS, Jade Z is gonna use this header for the week!
(Because it's yellow)

I like ducks when they are not those real feathery ducks. I'm not a fan of Donald or Daisy, but I'm a HUGE fan of RUBBER ducks. My toothbrush holder is one. Hehe! And I would love to get a boxer with rubber ducks prints for my brother this November. His birthday... (:

When ducks become "cartoons", they look sooo adorable. See,

Don't they look nice? These ducks live above my TV shelf with a dainty daisy as company...
And notice the flying daisies pouring nectars all ova my header??? ^^

But the thing is, I have to PAY for these ducks. And I found a duck that is better than FREE! This duck, gives you great gifts like THIS!


TEN Sony W880i.
TEN iPod TOUCH!!!!!

*droolz* How AWESOME is this duck man~?!

Wanna know how to grab these hot stuff? muahahaha........ Pay me first.

I'm just pulling your legs. Let me share my story on HOW i found this secret duck lah. Actually, like my display object ducks, this special duck comes in pairs too!

If you are a DIGI user, here's great news for you.

Like something, get more of it!

Yea, why NOT? I like these yellow ducks. Tho they are criminals... =x

There are TWO criminal ducks we have to catch, ok? Let's see who catch it first!

#1 is named Super FNF Duck. #2 is named Super SMS Duck. FNF talks too much cock. SMS smses too much. This behavior, has disrupted order and peace! So the FBI (Federal Farm Bureau of Investigation) is rewarding whoever finds em' naughty duckies!


So. This is how the duck gives you fantastic pressies. By CATCHING them! I'm totally fascinated! It could be YOU, Lucky Star Bloggersss!!!

You can also get CLUES. I wouldn't mind clues~ Hahaha! Wanna find out MORE??? *mischievous giggles* Obviously I'm not sharing... I'm gonna be a selfish girl for once. But don't hate me.. I want to win too... )))'=

Feel your legs grew longer? ROFL! Here’s the catch –

These ducks can be found anywhere, in BLOGS. That’s righttt! A code will be attached to it. With that code, just go to www.wantedducks.com.my and fill in the codes for both the Super SMS and the Super FnF Ducks. Count the amount of ducks you see on the farm and if you counted correctly, you can stand a chance to win those attractive prizes!


DIGI, Always The SMARTER Choice. ;)