Monday, November 3, 2008

Sugar Coat.

Every famous blogger MUST be threatened to be sued at least ONCE. This is what I observed, and realized. You want to be a famous blogger? Get a threat to be sued. After all, there's a price to pay for being famous.

From the day I was born, I don't give a shit about what people think about me. I am never a suck-up. I'm very strong, straight-forward, naive, and fair. I believe the whole World should be like this. I'm not childish, but child-like. Its. In. Me. But apparently, people love praises (even if they sounded fake), they love to hear melodies and sonatas, when they themselves have a plastic heart.

Today, I'm trained to be like them too.

No matter who I am to you, in MY eyes, I'm a nobody. I'm a NOBODY who says something, and THEN becomes a SOMEBODY. Because everything I say is a BIG DEAL. I'm born to have this rotten talent. Anyone want some? If I have to put it in a good way, I shall reluctantly call it "bravery". Now you want some?

I'm humble. I don't see myself as a Celebrity Blogger. Now, I think I should. And now I know almost EVERYONE from my wonderful, beautiful, fucking awesome company filled with Candy Man and gorgeous ladies, reads my HUMBLE blog. I'm so touched. Thank you, thank you.

In order to please everyone, to SUGAR COAT everyone's heart, to caress everyone's soul, I take down my previous post. And I will NEVER mention the word "Red FM" ever again in my blog. I'm giving wayyy to much free publicity all. this. while. and no one EVER acknowledge it UNTIL today.

p/s: I think I'm gonna have diabetes. I'm off to the clinic. Or maybe I shall go tomorrow. I'm lazy like that. I need my MC!

My Honest Note

I really love everyone in my company, especially jeremy, dilly, and jd, basically everyone, except for one and you all KNOW who it is. I just really don't want to say its name here for free publicity. And of course SOME seipatpoh also; but I suppose they are everywhere until the day I scar my face they do plastic surgery.