Wednesday, October 22, 2008

SHINE 2; but it's not really a Commercial!

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I know what you guys might be thinking.

"Oh dearrr, here comes ANOTHER advertorial."

But hey! This is not an ad for the sake of being an ad. It's about ME; and IT. STARTS. IN. ME!

Read this and you'll never regret it. I promise it's gonna be worth your time.

So let's hit start NOW!!!

I hate RED LIGHTS when I'm driving on the road. Who doesn't like to be given 'the green light'? Well the good news is today, ALL of us here ARE given a bright CHANCE to realize a DREAM! :DDD


The picture here is not that clear, but it says something like this:

Step 1
- Register and Personalize your own BALLOON!

Step 2
- Write down your DREAM...

Step 3
- Submit and SEND your balloon HIGH into the SKY!!!!!


I felt so happy when I read that sentence out loud.
So. What is Jade Z's dream and and aspiration? Please don't laugh at me when I say this; because I've pulled up a HELL lot of courage to go sincere and personal with this post instead of going you know- "ooh i want to go Africa, oohh i want to save Iraq!, or or... i wanna do this, i wanna do that."

My true and intrinsic dream (since i was TWELVE), is to be a singer. Yes, you read that righttt~! A singer.

My attempt to sing at a friend's birthday party at Australia.

Here comes the interesting part you DON'T wanna miss: -

My attempt to follow my (then) idol; pop princess Jolin Tsai.

Inconceivable. The things a fan can do to copy their idol.

My Li Wei Song School of Music golden moments:

Singing "
yue liang dai biao wo de xin" for Mid-Autumn Festival.

Other achievement(s):

I was actually a winner for NTV7's "Shout Out It's Saturday Night" TV game show for the "ying dong mei shao nu" category (where i danced), and then won 1ST Runner-Up for the Top 10 Finals (where i SANG!!!) *blush like wtmf~*

With the other contestants. (please check out my finger)

With Astro's singing competition's Year 2005 Winner 2005; Kok Hui. (please chop off my fingersss!)

I didn't get through the first round. When it was my turn to audition, it was already 7.15 PM. )))= i was actually all geared up and prepared, but (to those who wanna try Astro's singing competiton please
take note that you'll have to bring your BIRTH CERT) a friend who tagged along forgot to bring hers and all of us had to wait for her Mum to FAX the photocopied cert all the way from KELANTAN. Like courtesy la, to wait and sing bergether-gether. Sighz~

The doors were closed, and we went back with nothing. BUT. BUT!!! i WAS on TV again! You know those ad clips they update for competitions every week? I was one of the chosen ones for the Round 1 audition's to be aired on TV, and my cousins from K.T were calling and went like.... "You~!@#$%^&* I though you went thru!"

i know. My genuine dreams slipped away once. )))))=

For the next couple of years, i gave up trying. i thought:

Maybe one can't sing to make a living. It
can't be a real career, can it? Plus, to make a living?! So the karaokes over the world became the place for my passion to live...



Imagine if Jade Z comes out with an album. What kind of life would that be? Hmmm.

Learning how to dominate musical instrumentsssss? / More photo shoots??

Set up a BAND?!?!?!
HA HA HA!!!!!

This, people, was and IS, my true dream. But 70% of hard-work and 20% of talent is nothing without 10% of LUCK.

Picture 032
And if..........


Dutch Lady SHINE
contest can help realize my dreams..........

Yea folks... that's my balloon i sent up to the sky heaven. Hopefully God reads it too.


Do you have a dream? If you never get to think about it, START! Log on to, register, and get ready to be surprised~! I honestly don't feel like I'm doing an ad for Dutch Lady. It's just too much fun to share!

p/s: the "it starts in me" website is the coolest i've seen so far! please believe me; i would DIE to have like that. jeez! maybe i should send another balloon up for this dream! should i should i??? :D