Wednesday, September 24, 2008

This? You ask for more?

What you see is what you get:

I don't know how many times must I say this. Pink Label, is my PERSONAL blog. Turtles and cats lovers, Indians and the so-called NON-racists, are all surfacing only now in this pink blog. i don't understand. do you have a LIFE??? because these are the same people who kept coming back every hour to degrade themselves even MORE.

i did NOT curse your family nor kill your fucking cat. WITH THE TIME THAT YOU WASTED HERE, isn't there so much MORE you can do to improve these two issues OUT THERE? if you don't have mirrors at your house, let me sponsor you.

now, about the chickens calling me a "coward" when i moderate vulgar comments. this group, they dare NOT even leave neither their email nor name, and sometimes even using a FAKE ID. who are these coward here? you want to know who they are???

they are a pile of noob geeks from lowyat's forum, using pretty RANDOM girls pictures with 5 ringgit tits or perhaps a Spongebob thumbnail picture, to leave ugly comments here every one hour.

if you were me, will you even bother?! i don't even have to trace any IPs and i have addresses of where these fugly losers stay. cool huh? no wonder they have no girlfriends and waste their time at forums. lamoes~ boooo!!!!!

and to ALL my fellow INDIAN friends out there. I received a comment from Vick and it goes like this:

" could have avoided using the race of the people who "harassed" you because not all people of the same race behaves the same. by you mentioning the race implies stereotyping and by you placing a sentence saying sorry to be racist does not change anything because your previous statement had overruled the latter... you can tell me to not read your blog or not to bother because you are writing your heart out, well i am afraid the internet is public domain and maybe you would want to restrict your blog to your ardent readers!... We are born in this land and thus should be referred to as Malaysians and not Indian, Chinese, etc. My two cents!"

my reply sounds like this:

better late than never. perhaps my mistake was to not narrow my sentence down to "the lower grade of this race" or just simply ANY lower grade races in the world, including cinapeks! does that makes you happier? but if you are now starting to think now that this is another new issue, i'm not sorry anymore.

i don't HATE Indians OK!? what's wrong with you people??? you don't know me and you're not in my shoes at THAT moment, so please STOP being angry. i can sponsor mirrors, but not Botox. i was writing about the TRUTH about that scene and i WASN'T assuming!

the next day i ALLOWED your IDOL to park my car, went to work, and when i came back in the evening to take my "keys", he adjusted my seats, inclined the cushions, changed basically almost EVERYTHING, ... -__________-"'"

HEY. to park A car. Seriously. do you NEED to adjust all these? cuz the things that he so kindly adjusted for me, i find very unnecessary. i don't need to say more. pun intended.

and dear Vick, why would i want to restrict my blog? i HAVE the rights to ask anyone to not read, knowing they will still read me. so?

but to judge me here, i call that Personal Attack. cuz this is my DIARY. i've been generous enough to open it and share with the public. so take it; if you can't take it, leave it.

no more explaining and apologizing about ANY issues anymore after this post. my life goes on, and so does yours. stop wasting it.