Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My Black Beekeenee

There is such thing as 100% freedom of speech, but because there are people who think they are so smart out there, who actually are the real losers telling you otherwise, there is no safe space in this world anymore for us to share real stories which are the BEST. Let's agree on this.

Simple i.e. There is no such space for anyone to speak freely about politics. Freedom of speech in Malaysia they say? Bla bla bla. Same applies to all our blogs. The lucky thing is, i'm not interested in talking about politics. i just like to ramble about weird things that befallen me. But because more people know me compared to an average Jane or Joe, i get flames. Fair enough~

HUH?! Her BROTHER helped took this picture? Flame flame flame!!! -_____-"

When a baby is born, she sits and stands straight. When she sees her mummy across the street, she shouts for her happily. "MUMMY! MUMMY!!!!!"

Today, this baby is 18. She hunches because she is taller than most of her friends. One day, she sees her best friend on the street and calls out for her. Everyone turn their heads around to see who this shameless girl is. Her boyfriend, on the other hand, gets irritated and claims that she just embarrassed him in public.

This, is what we call the NORM society creates for us. But N.O.R.M.A.L??? Let's study what is weird.

i tend to call things or people "weird" especially when i see the lala zais and lala muis loafing and swarming our good ol' Sg. Wang plaza. The pink knee length sock sarungs the right, a yellow one the other. The guys, around 15 or 16, have green punk hair. "WEIRD", is the easiest way to categorize and label people into groups.

But actually, there is NO such thing as weird. Things only seem weird because we are brought up in different ways at different corners of the world!

Alyd!!! I saw you at Newnham! You're so weird, but you are PINK, so I like you!!! (am being sarcastic okay; don't simply assume assume agen wtmf). i love Alyd Salad and i don't think he is weird.

When i see someone i know across the streets, i will be very happy, excited, and hyper. (i think i believe in fate too much that's why). Therefor, like a child, i will call out loud to her / him unintentionally! Then the society might start to think i'm childish, but in MY dictionary, society is not anybody to point at any verbs and define them as weird / out of the norm.

Stop building walls and cages. Let us all be free. Acting like a child is different from being childish. Being a child sometimes makes your life so much dramatic colorful and meaningful! Have that little voice in that head? Sing it out for us. If the listeners think it's a crow singing, then they should just throw the CD away if they can't sing better. Am I being too metaphoric here?

Hopefully you guys get the point. Let's move on to something more debonair. The 3rd part of my Perhentian trip. Which means, more beekeenee pictures!! T-hee!!!

the sand is the best bed to lie on a day like this...

with most minimal make-up on, no falsies; a ah~

hot pink chili nails to match my tiny black beekeenee... (:

Guess what time was it?!

MAKAN time!!! Maakaan maaakaaan.....

maaaaakaaaaan jer kejer dia kat pantai~!

Because there's nothing to do on the beach (especially when you go there for 5 DAYS like me) except for chillin', and eating, and iPoding while reading, and EATING; it's best to choose HEALTHY meals like SALAD, BOYS & GIRLS!!!

A LOT of guys think that it is alright for them to eat; and that only girls have to "jaga badan". But HEY! We need to be impressed too! Or there will be no hot chunky hunks at the beach. Sad la kan girls liddat?

So I ordered a Greek salad with Blue Cheese @ Tuna Bay, while Cheryl ordered.....

Fried rice.

Let me tell you this. If you don't care what you consume AS LONG AS it taste GOOD, it's best to order fried rice wherever you go; playing it safe. Because fried rice usually tastes O.K no matter how who did it.

If it's bad, that simply implies you don't have to try any other dishes from that cafe or restaurant (worst) anymore. That's one tip coming in handy when it comes to ordering food, dear readers! ;)

Tim's spaghetti which didn't taste very shyiok apparently. SEE? That's why!

I had an ice-cream afterwards...

What can be more heavenly than wiping off an ice-cream off its cone on a sunny day man! Plus point? On the sexc BEACH!!!

Freaking AWEsome!!!!!

Now, time to be a California babe wannabe wtf?

my Facebook fans seemed to like this shot a LOT! i'm sooo happy. cuz i like it too! reminds me of the movie "Into the Blue" starring Jessica Alba... ehem.

Has mummy ever told you to keep noises at bay when you're fishing it comes to fishes? kekeke...

Check out that Angel Fish bypassing me now! Btw, why is it called ANGEL fish? Why not "Zebra" fish? Cuz i think that might suits him more. =/

pointing and

msn pix

takkk habis-habisan.

pulling a fish face

with sweet Cheryl.

NOW COMES, THE ...dotdotdot... *DRUM ROLLS* :

a.l.a Into The Blue lah! hahaha~~~ qqq:

Evening revisits so early that day. sighhh~ Neva felt like coming back to KL.....

lovin' this shot to shattered pieces~

a piece of me by the beach.

cam-whoring while waiting for dina...

it's been so the-long i can't remember what i ordered. so sorry guys... but,

here is Virgin Tong and Cheryl truly appreciating an original Mars shake!


Am going Perhentian again in May 09' with dearest DEAREST Welter and Azmann i met during my visit to a war-torn country -Vietnam.....

Welter far most left, and cute Azmann far right. (((:

~***With lots of love***~