Monday, September 22, 2008

Spammers Shalt Die

i don't know how to start.

i lost track.

all the time in the world,
i have.

everything they are chasing for,
i already own.

my name on this screen,
is in my palms to control.

my friends, they are angels.
stand firmly by my side;
like trees, armed with gold shields,
they are heaven sent.

i am lucky.

IP1 wants my life.
IP2 fires with flames.
IP3 curses me with its Mother's name.
Why are they degrading themselves?

i'm not presence you know.

i don't exist.
i'm living in a doll's house.
i'm living in a fantasy world.
i'm living in my head.
i don't care.

i never hurt,
i never harm,
i just learn how to fight for rights.

but i know why you are here.
Why are you jealous?

filling yourself with hatred and sins,
my victory is only your karma.
what have i done to you?
You are your biggest enemy.

to my beautiful family,
i die for.

to friends whose hearts with me,
mine's here for you too.

the things that slave for me,
i'll never forget how much i owe.

money, i save,
my love, we save,
our kids, we bring.

this one thing that's missing;
is the one thing i'm searching for.

but with all the time in the world i have,
with everything they're chasing for that i own,
with my name on this screen i control with my palms,
i will start;
on the right track.

to hell;
you go,
you burn;
i swear,
i'm sure.