Friday, September 12, 2008

Suckers Got Many Kinds

I'm at work now but I'm feeling so queasy. So QUEASSSYYYY!!! Squeamish! That's the word.

Four scripts to write every. day. I'm lovin' it, but I wonder sometimes, how long can I do this for. 4 yearssss???? No!

Wake up at 7, make up, drive Latio to work, park at the Indian fella's place (everyday praying my car won't get scratch cuz even some of my colleagues' car spare-parts were stolen!), rush 4 scripts per day, Facebook in between wtmf, jam a bit till I reach home.

That's for weekdays. WeekENDS? Shopping. If not shopping yumchaing. If not? Movies. Once in a BLUE moon we go sing K. WHAT ELSE CAN YOU DO? TELL ME?

Perhentian. Can? No money. Genting is so, so over-rated.


Read Suet's and PinkPau's blog; so nice. They are studying overseas... I miss Australia..... )))))))))):

I miss Australia..... I used to have that life. Where has it gone now? What am I doing here? Every. fucking. day. I am seeing reflections in mirrors that society holds up at such confined space. I'm imprisoned. But everyone seems to be doing the same thing, how could I have possibly complain?

I'm writing this with no intended thoughts, No pun intended.

I know there's more waiting for me out there, but the time's not right, and I am here. Looking, Seeing; things you do, but I don't want to seeeee!

Wth: I still got work to do. Why are you so happy?
Cin: Yay. I finished my work early!
Wth: Don't be too happy first, There's always tomorrow. Wait till your head burst. I'm gonna see you cry.
Cin: =/ =/ =/ *sobs*

There's a sucker born every minute. Is there anyone who loves seeing other people happy in this world???