Sunday, September 14, 2008

Rookies & Bulls

Aloha girls! (Cuz this post is STRICTLY FOR FEMALES only.) kekeke!

I have a BIG QUESTION that has been a bug in my head for so long now.

Have you ever wondered why men, are usually the dominator, and not women? Ranging from relationships, politics, (sometimes) in bed wtmf, in the field, to racing tracks..…


Yes; we do have great and successful female politicians, athletes, or even feminists out there, we have Marilyn Monroe, but how much percentage is that compared to men? I would say, we are only a handful. And I was thinking that we can’t let that happen!!!

It is proven that in time, more and more women have created names and history for Mother Earth. The lucky thing is -this planet does not discriminate. (:

Given a chance to have a big baggage of courage, I would love to do things that men can and most women can’t. Sadly, I’m here to admit that I only have a pocketful of that. One of the to-be-realized-dreams under my Top 20 list is, “TO BE A FEMALE RACER”.


Tho I might not have what it takes to realized that dream, I would love to see a female racer in Malaysia to be like the next Alex Yong Michael Schumacher. Too big a dream you think? Well, if dreams have limitations, they would be called ambitions instead lah.

So if you are slightly a feminist like me, or if you have always dreamed of driving a sport car, RED BULL has actually got a chance for you! They are opening the doors to unleash some fierce GIRL POWER on the fast tracks.

This phase of the Search will continue from the 17th of July to the 17th of October 2008, at tentative roadshow locations. All participants will then be shortlisted and the new Red Bull Rookies will be announced in January 2009.


Three simple rules you’ll need to obey:

a) Age between 18-30 years old
b) Owns a Malaysian driving license
c) Able to drive a MANUAL car

And that’s it. Training sessions at Sepang International Track by highly skilled trainer Kenvin Low from Asia Advanced Driving Academy will be given. The previous rookies had also been given extensive media training, gets a glaring media light!, made appearances in flashy magazines such as Harpers Bazaar and FHM, glamourous photoshoots... Got your eyes twinkling? ^^

You can register online, very easy registration; I promise…


To work your way towards your “dream” all along!

As for me? Pssst. I did realize HALF that fantasque phantasm, you know? Cuz LOOK! :

Ringo putting on her helmet; getting ready to race!

Cheesie and Jade Z.

Jade Z and Sweatli wtf

Why Yee Hou and Sweat both wore color coordinated clothings!?!?!

3 FEMALE Bloggers oh la la~~~

Now here comes the real story......

PERHAPS green lights don't alwayz mean a good thing!

This is NOT me. It's a FEMALE rookie!!!

Thattt's right guys! The person whom I trusted my life with in this nauseating roller-coaster ride (I got a very, very BADDD gastric that day); which lasted for about 2 freaking minutes, WAS a girl! A GIRL wtf?!?!?!

*Jade Z looks up to the female red bull rookies who clearly defies the society norm*


I AM envious that they can speed without worrying about getting a ticket. What's my Latio One point EIGHT for then?!?! Maybe I'm just better-off hugging a tiang... sighhh~~~ LOL.

But aaaneeway, shouldn’t I thank RED BULL for giving me a chance for such a lifetime experience!


Now so should you!

So hurry and sign up today at , and be a NEW species of “MEN”!!!!!

Good luck, ladies~! You know you’ve got that INSIDE you SOMEWHERE!!! ;)