Friday, September 12, 2008

Queiscence Me Island

It was a Saturday just like any other Saturdays, but this one felt unusually newfangled. It was the day I've been waiting for since 3oth April 08'.

120 days of imperturbable waiting, that's done. Finally I could free myself from this runway through this runaway.

Woke up very early in the morn feeling a little nausea, but I couldn't imagine what on earth could happen to me if I did miss the flight. Perhaps I would consider closing one eye and strip naked for the ol' guards to beg for mercy and let me into the plane.

Cheryl and I flew with Firefly. I must say, it was abysmal. Our lungs were gasping as we breathe in the egregious shocking odor for one solid hour on the plane. Flying has never been such a nightmare. So what I did was to raid my own new white bag; which Cheesie wanted to see! ( Cuz we bought it @ 1U after grocery shopping that day. Remember remember??)

The obvious -pink iPod, camera, sunnies, purse, a small black pouch which contains thumb drives, card readers, chargers, spare batteries, etc; you have no idea how HEAVY my handbag was.

The non-obvious -Why The Toast Always Land Butter Side Down, Actal (gastric pills lol), tissue paper, my "energy water"...

So you might wonder: Energy water is some sort of drink like 100 Plus or Red Bull, but it is not. It's my skin's 24/7 best friend -a skin lotion spray which instantly refreshes your face anytime, anywhere!

So power! See the sand???

We were supposed to land at Kota Bahru's airport, but the pilot made a mistake and we all landed at Kuala Terengganu's airport instead. -_____-" That's why!, don't fly with Firefly airlines next time.

Ok, I was just pulling some legs. hahaha! We didn't know that we were supposed to buy tickets to KB instead of KT if we were to go pulau, so people; do NOT repeat the same mistake. Buy air tics to KOTA BAHRU, KELANTAN, though Perhentian is @ Terengganu. ;)

Coming out from the airport I saw this building. Probably the most au-courant architecture in Terengganu...

After a few rounds of siestas since dawn, we reached the jetty.

Jetty oh... Jetty. How much I miss you so...

My pretty-in-pink Roxy valise and CK satchel.

ALSO, before I forgot, my white beach bag!

Pretty heavy loaded for 5 days trip to Island, aye~?

I wish there's a donut this big. I would mush my face in it with maudlinism, and turn Catholic, with Homer Simpson's face tattooed on my ass wtmf~

Can you spot a dolphin chasing our boat far east top? (((((:

Ok I was lying again. What chased us was nothing but the waves. hehehe!!!

Tim and I

B) In Sunnies!! (8

After about... half an hour? We reached the shore and I almost screamed my lungs out to see the water so CLEAR and blue!!! I saw FISH under our boat! And oh my what have we done to Mother Earth?!

I could still remember my happy face. If my hands were elastic like the rubber guy in Fantastic 4, I would hug the whollllllle island and bring it back for everyone.

Together with my bags I yanked all the way back to the"resort". Ahhh, its name is Ayumi -named after the owner's baby girl who has this really nice tan at the age of 3. Here's how our accommodation looked like:

Damn ghetto -can hang clothes around. But this is what I like about this house. Its quaint. Its traditional. Its ghetto, a bit dodgy. hahaha!!!

Our room keys attached to a turtle I was so happy to see.

The other SAME turtle on the door as our "room number". It's amazing how much thought Miss Lee alone put into this place!

2 queen beds for 3 humans and 1 lizard.

Seriously 4 walls to make one dodgy bathroom.

Ayumi in Wonderland.

Who can tell me why "Gemuk"? :ppp

The view walking out from your room...

Is breath-taking; this stretch of decks on the sandy blue coastline...



p/s: Thanks Nigel & Kel Li. ROXY's red & white lovs wouldn't do good without you both. ((:

Lay down with lips drenched with new summertime lip gloss...

...and Oh. My. Fuckin'. God. Look what's above me!? Christian Bale and friends!!!

See I soooo good; attracted more bikini babes in white for you~

A small audience...

And the world.

Got a bit sick of bats and went to Cocohut for a drink.....

SNICKERS SHAKE!!!!! Can you get em' here??? ;P

On the phone with dad; posing with Club Sandwich...

Nah, here's my bikini bod. Went snorkeling for the very first time in my life with Cheryl!

And as usual, going against the wave makes you so hungry you could finish chewing 5 dead cows.

Cheryl | Cindy

The best dish @ Cocohut I reckon? Cashewnut Chili Chicken!

Chocolate pancake with bananas.

Maybe Germany doesn't have "Tom & Jerry"...

Pretty pretty boy~

Totally kissable.

Went for a long walk along the stretch after dina, but couldn't find the blue sand. ):

Found many thoughts, which disappeared with the sea.....

More genuine pictures to come. *Lots of Love*