Thursday, August 28, 2008

I'm Blogging on Island !

Appetizer? :

( i know this picture of my garden salad is not that good... compared to Nigel's!!!)

Let's kick-start off this post with a picture of me inferring Yee How as "no good lah you"~

Yee How from NuffNang and Jade Zheng from dot com.

Ha Ha Ha! No la... Yee How is good. Very good. kuai kuai wannn; mummy sayang~~ :p

Main Course:

Absolutely deeliciiousss oven-baked PIZZA~!!! I looovvvee pizza... Who doesn't?!

"Look at the sprinkled crispy Oregano & Itallian Herbs above this perfectly golden crust", wondered my growling stomach atm wtf? =.=

Yee How | Jade Z. | Joshua | Kel Li

I lurrrrvvveee the potatoes I must say... They are naturally sweet and the texture is marvelous! How will I know how to describe a POTATO?! >.< DSC00370
The CHEESIEST Cabonara Ever. If you don't believe me, try it yourself. Go!! :p

Cheese reminds everyone about Cheesie. So here I present: Cheesie & Me.

= connection damn bad this picture can't load so I don't know what caption to put wtf !? =

See the melting ice-cream????? SEE ITTTTT!!!!!

I can not not scream when I look at this picture!

Speaking about cake, it was Copy Kate's birthday also.....

& the NuffNangers were being so sweet to have ANOTHER surprise birthday cake for her; cake prepared by Itallinies of course...

Jade Z | Birthday Girl! | Ringo

Now with my FASHION STYLIST; Kel Li!!! Kel Li is just awesome when it comes to Fashion! Girls? You MUST go shopping with her.

You see; if I were a Superstar, I would have hire her as my personal fashion stylist in M'sia. hahaha!!! ^^

= Picture can't load. =

See; girls CAN get along well with girls -when it is NOT a competition.

Does this statement sounds true enough to make sense to you?

I can't imagine putting all of us in the picture above into another season of MDG. Can you???

*cuts own throat!*

with Robb Chiew who has been very very helpful with his informations for events I'm going to alwaysss~

and lastly..........

Me & Mr. Timothy Tiah.

After switching from Advertlets to Nuffnang, I've been getting more hits and advertorials to write; so far.

Nuffnangers have been really kind (especially Yee How; thank you!), and supportive towards, and I salute ya'll for being able to manage so many bloggers so sincerely and personally in every events; giving everyone a chance, and..... so much more to come.

Thanks Timothy. (((:

Btw, Advertlets belum bayar me my 700 ringgit. I clicked CASH-OUT before! ))))):

Is it the way this is; that once you switch to another, even if you have ALREADY clicked cash-out, you will still NOT get paid?

I'm not sure bout all this kinda thing... Can somebody who knows tell me??? OH well~

p/s: for all you bloggers who made it to Itallianies that day, I'm very happy to meet you guys. Joshua, KEL LI, electronic fly, NIGEL, this very sweet girl who is a magazine editor >.<, ZOEY (i'm SO bloody happy to meet you again!),and I know, many more I did not list.

i'm at P. Perhentian right now and will be staying for 5 days. My olddd laptop's battery can only tahan for 52 mins for each session... It's so bloody HOT right now in my room, and the connection here is, ONE. WORD - Shitty. Plus, electricity ONLY comes in round 5 to 7 P.M when the SUN is setting, and OBVIOUSLY i wont be blogging kinda time.


So hang in there! I WILL try to squeeze blogging time in for now so we can share some island pictures, and I WANT TO check out your blogs, so keep up the good work, will start the linking when I get back.

I think, we all deserve a *TOAST!*, bloggers~! ^^