Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Jeremy IS Anime Character Lighto!!!!!

Ever heard of DJ Jeremy?

He is our new Red FM "baby" DJ doing The Late Show from 10 P.M to 2 A.M.

OR, you can also call him Powder. hahaha!!!

Cuz he is SO SO SO fair!!!!!!!!!!

And if you haven't heard of him before, i suppose it is probably because Jeremy has turned into another fella and teleported to another world where animate objects like Pikachu, Sailormoon, Thundercats and Barney become friends.

It is PROVEN! He can even clone himself, and then travel by teleport-cation.


Damn yeng scary.

The first time I met Jeremy, I had to do a photoshoot for him. And I thought he looked pretty anime-ishy.

He looks PRETTY! That's a problem. lolz~

As time goes by and we became IKEA buddies, I realized that my hypothesis was right all along. He lurves playing video games and he DOES like anime!

Time goes by for more and one day, went to Cineleisure. And you know what is at the Ground floor of Cineleisure? They have these lil' lil' shops selling anime stuff where you can see either an uncle, or a boy playing PS2 outside the shop.

In no time, I realized myself and Jam, I call him Jam cuz there is a Jerry in the office, & I ALWAYZ got confused with them both, thus ended up calling Jeremy JERRYME instead. hahaha... keep calling people wrong names so paiseh must cover up mar~ wondering in an anime shop like Alice and Wonderbun. @#$%^&*~!

Jam riffling and browsing through the longgg stretches of comics and truckloads of DVDs on the shelves; as he mumbled away the names of the cartoon characters like... Kamina from tengen toppa gurren lagann. =S


Then, I noticed ANOTHER thing. See?

This is a huge ass poster hanging on the wall,,,,,

.....and this is the real teleported fella from the poster, on the floor!!!

Wearing the same shirt wtf?!

Can touch him wan. Tickle him better. He is like the Tickle Me Elmo toy! Tickcle him and he will dance for you a twiggy dance -got strawberry flavor, tomato flavor...... =S

Enough of JEREMY. Here are some cute stuff I saw! :

JAM!!! What's this thing's name?!?!?! I forgot; but it certainly is from a frog species.

and... i really have no idea what this is. It is SO expansive I don't think anyone would buy it.

Imagine me in this Japanese school girl uniform! That would be So. Sexy. :DDD

Oh well, here's the real teaser.

Hopefully I don't look too tired again for yous.

Have a nice day, guys! *;)