Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Like 3 Fish Swimming in A Star

This is how i started my day earlier today. So fervid.

Caught up in a bloody jam.

I was wondering why because from my habitat in Mt. Kiara to K.L, the traffic is usually smooth flowing.

But hey! Today is only my second day driving my beauty! -The dignified statuesque NISSAN LATIO 1.8; which makes YOU feel as majestic as hell!!! B)

Listening to Wang LeeHom 's CD instead of radio today while driving; trying out the *NEW* CD playa' damn syiok~! Sounds like my husband lives in the disc player and sings to me live. @@

But all these still couldn't beat my frustration towards this:

Now TWO WAY jam. WTF?!

Bah. Long stretches on the road makes my face stretches even longer.

After 1 and a half hour on the road!!!!! Whereas it usually only takes me 15 MINUTES!!!!!!!!!!

BOO!!! Boo merdeka rehearsals. To those of you who don't know why, most routes in K.L were blocked / closed / whatever it is; from today till the 29th of August for the Merdeka parade rehearsals.

Does anyone still cares, even? i mean... still cares?? i don't know man, but it feels to me as if Merdeka has become a celebration for the SAKE of CELEBRATING, instead of to reminisce 51 years back on how we got our independence san fu-ly.

How sad can that be mates?! Sighhh~~~


i followed a vehicle which looks like a coffin van for about 20 minutes. =/

IS IT? IS IT???!!! Is it a COFFIN Van?! Quick tell me. i felt damn suey today...... ))))):

Later in the afternoon, Sham and Shan Yan asked me out for lunch. Apparently, this place sells awesome Fish Head Meehoon!

And i should say, that it's the BESTEST BEST one i've tried so far. Maybe KYspeaks should come try this too. lolz!

How to find lah; hidden inside a brown building @ Sentul weh. But i'm coming back for this for sure!

Me and Sham

This is Shan Yan, and also, Sham.

Shan Yan and I posing for the boiling milky soup!

What's really nice about this particular fish head meehoon, if i must compare with the others is that it is not too salty, doesn't tastes like MSG, it is milky but not too milky, it has only a hint of giam chai sourness at the end of your tongue, and the tangyness tingles you from the tip of your tongue till the end of your vetebrate; which makes your eyes twinkle like stars!

You forget it's a weekday while savouring this bowl of chow. ;)

No one ever dies from a bad day.

After lunch, we celebrated Nic's birthday.

Nic is our *NEW* newscast for Red 104.9 station.

Gorgeously lit up.

i noticed something about burfdays today. It is not the cake that symbolizes birthdays, it's the CANDLES!!!!!

Why? Because you can put a candle on char siu fan, or simply a pile of different kuih-muihs, and then call it a "birthday cake", but you can't pass presenting a cake without the candle, really..... can you?

ha ha ha!!!

Happy birthday, Nic~!

Nicko and I.

Nic and sweet Shan Yan.

O.K. i wanna go home now, but the traffic is NOT moving at. all. from the view of my building. So my recommendation is, if you are reading this right now (6.40 P.M), don't leave the office just YET! -Stay back and Facebook or something.

Have a safe drive home, peeps! (((((: