Monday, July 28, 2008

Uncle So

I've been away for the weekend; I know. Too many things coming up, too many IKEA shopping to do, finally my house is almost done! By Friday, all the electrical appliances will come in and so will my internet connection! You don't know how miserable I got not being able to update my blog. And I actually miss replying yous comments.

How have you guys been? (((:

I went to Uncle So's house-warming party at Subang before having mine all planned out. And here am I to share..... ^^

Tents stretched out in a row for guests.

And I was one of them. Like me dress? :DDD

the buffet party spread!

where my paper plate got loaded with food~!

roast lamb from the kandang. hahahaha!!!!

And we have also our Malaysian favorites:

Satay ngan Kuah Kacang, dan.....

Ais Kacang!!!

Moving on to some groovy music:


In my fav fav fav turquoise chiffon dress~

My cousin JQ amazed by the number of shoes that stinks the house's entrance!

Cindy is Cinderella

The lil' corners of Uncle So's mansion:

Even has a Karaoke room!!!!! -___-"


Here we end.

Tata guys... Signing off. So sorry Jado is TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO busy to update her blog. Got tickets to Chelsea's match tomov NIGHT!!!!! See ya if you're there.

Lots of Love.