Thursday, July 24, 2008

Kerja Tiup-Meniup Sebatang Kara~!

Wanna see The Malaysian Dreamgirl do a blow job at a mamak stall?

Let me tell you this. It tasted good. Reallll good, baybeh. REALLLLL good! I want to do it AGAIN!!!

It was in fact, the BEST TASTING COCK in the whole wide world!!!


Number 1. It won't choke you.

Number 2. It won't get stuck at your throat and make you call the police (like the silly movie scene in "Sweetest Thing", starring Cameron Diaz, Christina Applegate,,,).

Number 3. It is a BIG-ASS cock, the texture is awesome! and the skin is so so smooth! -you can feel it rubbing against every. living. cells. all ova' your tongue and lips!

Number 4. It is condom-less but has this very special flava'.

Number 5. It is SPIYCEH!!!!! Very hot and spiycehhh~!!!

Apparently, it belongs to a guy named Jack.

He claimed this cock to be his long lost little brother, which fell off, and that he was undergoing an exploding orgasm. Yes, like firecrackers!

That's righttt, kids~! Firecrackers.

Now, heeeerrrre we go :

Sultry seducing eyes...................

freshly red-painted nails..................

holding the.......................


It was even decorated. With a CHILI on top!!!

Definitely a spicy dick! DEFINITELY.

When this story actually comes from :

My ulam dengan budu dan sambal belacan LUNCH! Kesian. Jadi konet pulak.



will believe me when I claim that -
still a bloody virgin;
will they???

Ha Ha Ha...