Sunday, July 6, 2008

I am at the hospital right now.....

How short is one life? It is, really very short. You'll never know when is too late.

Today you wake up with a pocket full of sunshine. You see the people you love, and the people who love you too. Everyday you wake up to see this beauty. Can you measure how much you treasure all these chances?

Sometimes, you scold your kid when they misbehave. It's not funny you don't go around scolding random kids because you don't love them, and you don't have to.

But one day, someone you know decided to leave their daughter, Amy, with you for the weekend. Amy threw her Barbie at your son, Jason. Jason naturally fought back. Amy cried for mummy. Who did you choose to scold?

C'mmon... We all know that you would not possibly scold lil' "guest" Amy who doesn't belongs to you, will you?

So now you have both Amy AND Jason howling -after you scorned at him. Who is that you're suppose to love again??

You entered the Zone of Pride having someone else's trust instead of staying true to what matters more close to your heart.

If I have children one day, I will make sure that all the spaces in between our relationship are filled with hugs & kisses till the day I leave.

When I was younger, I wished my parents good night, and they all ended with a kiss.

Today, I wish my parents good night, and it all ends with good night.

I can't remember when this tradition gone stale, but I know I was never trained to show love using neither actions, nor verbs. I'm afraid our egos has actually grown bigger than our heads or the pure love inside us, as we grow up as individuals.

I open my eyes in bed every morn saying to myself, "I'll call mum today. I promise."

But I never. I am always too busy.

When I finally get time to scroll my facebook phonebook, I remember again the cartons of broken promises I've ignored. This time, I make a new promise to end the conversation with the 3 words before I hit "call", but it never fails to end with an awkward goodbye instead.

I have always been a coward.

Why afraid to show love when they are only my own parents who ask for nothing in return? Why is it so much easier to say "i love you" to my 2 ex boyfriends whom I had commitments to?

Have you ever faced the same thing?? Can you tell me; have you changed???

I'm now sitting outside Gleneagles Hospital writing this on my TouchCruise. The sentence

"If I don't ever see you again, please don't despair and take good care of yourself. Don't make us worry."

rings in my ears sempiternally in incessantness.

How short is one life? It is, really very short. You'll never know when is too late.

Today you wake up with a pocket full of sunshine. You see the people you love, and people who love you too. Everyday you wake up to see this beauty. How much do you treasure all these chances? Do you know; can you measure?

To all the smokers out there,

Smoke. And look at yourself. Smoke. And think again. Buy that box. You can still afford to pay. Pay for the sticks. You love you, but you can afford to feed your lustful addiction that screams, "Tar! Tar!!!".

I'm sitting outside the hospital's garden because it's freezing inside. I'm here to enjoy the glorious sunshine and the whispers of the wind to put my worries at bay, but to my DISMAY, everyone is here to cig -taking advantage of the generous breeze as a factor of cause to replace my troubles by painting my ONLY two lungs black with nicotine.

Thank you, smokers. Thank you.

I hope you are the next one lying here on one of these white hospital beds; wishing you can turn back time but it's too late. You are dead.

Still can't possibly feel sorry for yourself? This is how you look like in your black coffin your father bought for you in dolorous grief.

You are dead. As dead as your last cigarette butt in that ash tray I just drenched with my spat of phlegm.

I need fresh air, my smoker friends. And I. Love. You. So please.
Please STOP smoking!!!

Any smokers CAN quit in ONE day. "You musttt be joking!", you say?

Well let's see. Mostly ALL criminals smoke. Let's say Najib, the murderer slash smoker was found guilty for killing Aminah. He was sent to jail for the rest of his life till the day he dies "naturally". Obviously, that means he COULDN'T buy any cigarettes forever!

Do you think he could still survive? Or would he die now without the fag sticks? Because despite the haggard unshaved face and excessively mushrooming ingrown hair, I see him living a so much healthier life now for the next 10 years! So, doesn't that conclude:

ANY Smokers CAN Quit Smoking in ONE Day


Not DIE?????!!!!!

If there's a will, there's a way. You want to give more excuse(s)? Can't read ingerish? -Di mana ada kemahuan, di situlah jalannya.

If you don't love yourself, at least love the people around you. Give our respective organs and worth-cherished life the amount of RESPECT they need.

Remember the story of how you would have scolded Jason instead of Amy?

I hope I'm not the only one too vain to shout at the TOP world at the TOP of my happy lungs:

"I love myself!", and I am glad my parents don't smoke. ((:

p/s: please do feel free to continue the "8 Ghosts of Honor" survey. i'm giving it a 1 week's time life span to decide, i think... between Number 3, & 6?? Both posts come with pictures, and all EIGHT posts will come in time.

Hey~! What is NOT a matter of time anyway? Let me remind you again, that DEATH is certainly IN the picture! Say "Tak Nak!" ;)