Saturday, July 5, 2008

Eight Ghosts of Honer

There are just so many things i want to blog about.


1. My Penang trip post.
2. "Beauty & The Beast Musical" review.
3. My "blow job" at public in a mamak stall.
4. My baby-sitting video.
5. Trucks of pictures from numerous outings with the wondrous lovely people i hang out with.
6. The Malaysian Dreamgirl trauma and how traumatized i still am.
7. The lost of one best friend because he fell in love with me. (watched "Made of Honor"???)
8. The littlest peachy things i see daily; which you might not have.

Eight. EIGHT things i can recall. But none of them are up YET.

You know; my post before this? If not mistaken, it was my LONGEST post this lifetime, completed with two good slides. But something happened as i was using the OFFICE's lousy pc one day after office hour, and 80% of the post went MISSING. Just like that.

Stupid blogger AUTOSAVED it for me; thanks to the creator's smart ass idea, but WHERE. IS. THE. UNDO. BUTTON!?!?!?!

Shouldn't we have one ALSO????? Who doesn't agree here. Tell me.

From now on i know i'll have to cultivate the habit to type my entries at Word or Notepad first. Have i mentioned the uploading of pictures?

Blogger -Check! FULL.
Picasa -Check! FULL.
Flickr - 200 pics only can be shown. Check. FULL!

What else can i use??? Anyone?????

Blogging should be FUN; but what is THIS?!

In the end, i just deleted the whole post. If you noticed, i had never break my post into 2. i just personally feel that it makes the entry cacat la.

So. Actually, amongst all the EIGHT from the above, which one would you want to see me blog about first? (((: