Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Luster of The Pearl of Orient

It started off as early as 4.30 A.M on a Friday morning. Well, at least it’s something different than waking up at 7 and ending my own self up in the office from 9 - 6. Or perhaps 10. Or 11, sometimes.

I only had 2 hours of sleep. The discussing of how the transportation goes, packing, inescapable last minutes problems… the list goes on. Why so early? Well, if I am going somewhere outstation, I need an extra ½ an hour to get ready. That’s… me.

Was supposed to meet Jerry at Jusco’s entrance in Equine Park but he was about an hour late. And mind you it was still pitched black! Since Jusco did NOT seem like a good idea, my uncle dropped me off at Mc D ‘s instead.

It made me wondered while waiting, if people should ever be punctual. Cuz when you are, you expect people to be too. And whenever there’s expectation, there’s always something about to be messed up. But if you are the one who’s late, you survive the day also. Like Jerry.

The reason why we picked 6.30 instead of 7, is to avoid the jam on a weekday. But we got stuck in a bloody jam after all because someone was sleeping too soundly.

How liddat?

6.30 A.M : Mc Donalds


My sunnies I use whenever I am without or only ½ made-up ESPECIALLY during early morns like that…




Me & Jerry with the Red FM cruiser.

This Sorento smells like shit. I’m half-serious. It actually smells like Narezushi (old style fermented sushi) sushi aged of a decade! Do you know how tormenting that was, to travel for hoursss sniffling bad sourish air? Urgh!

026 <st1:place w:st=

And so I tried in vain pain to sleep but I guess the odor was really bugging me!

Realized that was even more energy draining, I...

043 <st1:place w:st=



Anddd took pictures with Tim in the horrendous sushi car.



Me and Tim in sunnies. (It’s funny how mine is more 60’s than his!)

Finally stopped @ Restoran Jejantas for breakfast with the rest in the other Sorento; WHICH smells just as bad. ROFL

002 <st1:place w:st=

Jerry | Jade Z | Dilly | JD | Tim

By the way guys, would you love to make a wild guess where this picture was taken??? :D


It’s behind the loo at a random Petronas. HA HA HA!!!

I have a few versions of shots from this segment; but I think I like this best. And mind you it’s taken using a Sony phone!

So was this picture: -

036 <st1:place w:st=

Nice right? O.K. Maybe your Motorolla, Nokia, or Samsung is just as good. Or if not, maybe it depends on the PHOTOGRAPHER, that I’m not.

12 P.M : Pulau Pinang

006 <st1:place w:st=

The over-rated Penang bridge.

062 <st1:place w:st=

My finally made-up face.

1 P.M : Sunway Hotel @ Penang


Me and Jack; ready to do our 1st cross at Green Lane Mc Donalds (again)


JD | Jade | Dilly

During the cross…

048 <st1:place w:st=

My funky funny face, and it looked like I was holding a sandwich~!

033 <st1:place w:st=

A group shot with the very supportive participants!

035 <st1:place w:st=

Your hot-cross-bun!!!

3 P.M : KOMTAR Penang

063 <st1:place w:st=

The OB Station with me doing the "taiwanese girls' most famous pose".


Now with what I'm good at. lol


DJ JD and I.


Me and DJ DILLY.

069 <st1:place w:st=

We ALL in it happy family-ing~~~

Alrighto. Aloha Aloha Aloha.

Here comes another fiery red hot slide bouncing her way through your desktop!!!

Watch it if you wanna catch JD do some silly dance moves during the Outside Broadcast!!!!!

All work and no fun makes Jade a dull girl. But all fun doesn’t mean there is no work done. And work comes with problems to solve…

054 <st1:place w:st=

Aiyerrr! Headache!! HOW LIDDAT!?!?!

It’s very simple.

Cuz with Tim, (the program manager) life is made easy.

082 <st1:place w:st=

For the prizes, this is what you do.

085 <st1:place w:st=

Also, you do that.

088 <st1:place w:st=

Programming side, I gao tim already.


Disc Jocky he once was!

091 <st1:place w:st=

Sound check.



And the RESULTS?

185 <st1:place w:st=


Ok, I lied.

This picture was taken when the Chief Minister of Penang Dato’ Sri Lim Guan Eng came for the interview the following day.

But that DOESN’T MEAN there was NO ONE there! Look at this! : -

089 <st1:place w:st=

I was sitting on the carpeted fish DJ tank where the whole 5 solid hours OB lasted, and as I got a bit aweary, this was what happened…..


Mr Geli !!!!!!!!!! Stalked me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Cindy… Oh Cinnndddddy~!~!~!~!~! =S

062 <st1:place w:st=

i SEE you~~~ Come out Come Out Wherever You ARE ~!!! =O

099 <st1:place w:st=

Chiao sinnn! “I can’ttt hearrr youuu, Mr Geeeliiiii~!!!”

102 <st1:place w:st=

“I am toooo farrrrr awayyyyy~!!!!!” LMAO

Well I’m sorry I’m acting a bit mean here, but Mr G really stood there for quite some time oogling at me!; and he even posed for my camera did you SEE?!


But I was taken good care of by the Red FM crew. Evidence? -They fed me,

084 <st1:place w:st=

with not fish food but Mc Donalds (AGAIN!) once Mr Geli left our tank. ))))):

I thought we were suppose to eat good food at PENANG?! )))))))))):

7.30 P.M : In a fish tank

116 <st1:place w:st=

Jade Z merajuk-ed and re-befriended her pink camera instead.

126 <st1:place w:st=

As our hard working DJs worked throughout the night to keep the listeners entertained.

But wait.

I thought we were suppose to eat good food at PENANG?!?!?! )))))))))):