Wednesday, June 4, 2008

O Dear Miss Clumsy !

OK. Something embarassing happened to me in my office yesterday.

picturesque view from Red FM's cosy kitchenette (:

It was ONLY my third day.

HEAD sent an email to a group of selected people to attend a meeting.

My Head asked me to join also; so she doesn't have to repeat everything to me lah.

I was punctual, & the meeting room was still used by another group of people.

I felt uneasy, very akward. Very, very uncomfortable. A feeling like "i shouldn't be here at this moment" kinda thing.

So I waited in the pantry, switched to the "wooden room" (what I call), until I was called to convene by Mr. "T".

As soon as I entered the room, THE Lady said something like, "I thought ONLY those who are in the LIST should be here."


My Head was late; so she wasn't there to save / "help" me.

& so, I went out.


My skirt caught the curtains as I stepped out the stupid heavy door & i was tangled IN between those STUFF! i do this & i do that to save myself but its, still, STUCK with MEEE!!! *sobz*

In front of those people... OMG..... memang Jesus Keris la~

Then I heard some noises like "be careful sweetheart", followed by a "awwww" OR "ooooo" OR "boooo"...

so the sad.

Yeerrrr~ So sesat. Sometimes i wish i'm not that Clumsy! But i really AM very clumsy. Some says its "cute" (oh yea?), I think it's....................................... more like Fergie.


Went to Sunway Pyramid to check out the venue for our Father's Day event also (will update if comfirmed; its gonna be a very fun Fun FUN event with GREATTT prizess to be won by You, AND your Dad! = Kill two birds with 1 stone), & on the way back..........

5 PM :

banjir in the tunnel. i feel that this picture tells me how H2O will look like when King Midas touches water. you think? ;)

8.30 PM (ALREADY!) :

the bloody jam. see, i even have time to snap boring pictures.

O.K. The after office hours are crazy, but not this CRAZZZY!!! With the "petrol" thing going on, i was stuck in the jam for almost 2 hours!

So, i kept changing radio stations, sang & dance like a starrr in my pink car = provide free performance for the people watching from the "good seats high up" in old buses...

O.K. i'm Sorry. But,

What's wrong with the government!? Among the SO MANY things they can do to improve, THIS is what they came out with??? Creative a bit can? -__-"

& Malaysians being SO Malaysians, kiasuly continued making train-like-queues at each. petrol. station.

i despise Despise DESPISE (!!!!!) driving in K.L !!!!! how i wish my office is located somewhere else~

So? How's your day at work today like? ;)