Tuesday, May 6, 2008


One may as well begin with Miss C's short note to her readers:

To: my dear fans. and haters alike -.-
From: Tey Cindy - the 1ST. Malaysian. Dreamgirl
Date: 7 May

Hello, people - so here we meet again after a long long goodbye.

p/s: i MISS my long longg hairrr..... ))):

I just came back from KL yesterday after my photoshoot, and interview for NewMan magazine. (have em' pictures but can't upload any because of copyright issues... haiyah!) So please do check out June's issue! Can't wait!!! (((((:

It feels so good to (finally) BE home - and it's very cool to be able to laze on my favourite couch which; seems to mold to hug your body perfectly as you do your leisure reading with the companion of good music, without someone coming into the room and (a) passes wind (b) shouts for their mother miles away (c) analyzes personalities (d) smokes (e) blasts "catwalk music".

iPod-ing with baby Julian.. *^^*

Have been exxxtremmmely busy lately ever since the 29th of April; have some doors opened for me so far, and hopefully more opportunities to come too! Wish I could have more time to sleep or go online tho... Truly sorry for the no-reply mailsss, neglected inboxes, and messages on my walls. I'll reply every single one of them a.s.a.p. Atm, I'm still busy driving around belanja-ing and thanking the people who have supported me!!!

Here's my online thank you note to just any one of YOU who gave. and take.

My greatest gratitude to:

0. God - For accepting, acknowledging, and answering all the prayers that I've sent.

1. DAD - Who stood up, protected, and fought for justice as lame "professionals" acted bias and prejudice towards me. And also for constantly reminding me to be happy.

2. Mummy - For the world's greatest love of ALL. For every. single. reason. and also bringing me to this world.

3. Younger brother Eugene - For doing more than what an average brother could do for his sister. People SHOULD be jealous.

4. Ama - Dear, dear ama... for every form of support given and getting so excited for me when I won by the blasting speakers as if they were about to eXplOdE!

Me & my dear Ama holding The Key!

5. My Relatives from Kuala Terengganu, Taiping, Johor - Thank you to all my uncles, aunties, akims, yi zhangs, dear couz: Sean, Sheau Ling, Torng, Wei. Ko Yen, Ko Yeow, Sze Yin. Josephine, Ko Long, Chiew May, Shayne girl. Ken, Gracie, Nicole, Candice. Ah Yih, Peik Shang, & family. For Jie Hui at Labis too...

Acknowledgments to:

1. Oliver - I wouldn't have know about this competition without you. Wouldn't have joined without your encouragement. Wouldn't have still stand so strong till today without your words of wisdom. Thanks for standing by my side from the beginning till the end.

2. Azman and Welter - All the way from Sabah... your support is the kind I can't finish repaying this life time... You amazed me; to let me believe there are still such beautiful people in this world.

Miss C & dear Azman

3. Audrey, Rocky, and Bee Khin - Nothing is Impossible; as much as it is Impossible for me to leave you guys out!

4. Thank you to my lecturers, friends and supporters from Sunway University College - Puay Tin, Ray L, Michael Voon, Sandra, Bernice & Bernard Chauley, Jojo, Yasmin, Shayne, Amelia, very special credit to Eri, Eugene, and so many more...!


Ain (love ya sweetheart!), Tracy (BIG HUGGG!!!) , Ubi-Ruby-Booby! (for "Fighting", my Woman~!), Ivan darling~.
KinWai, Hassan, Acap, Vaseist. Najib, Shasha, Nurul. Miss Kamini Lynette
UTAS's Performing Arts School peeps
!!! - Kristen & Dave, Sophie, Abbie, Zen,,,
AIYAH!!!!! toooo many..... I just really, really, want to say a

with the "MATE~!"

behind it MATES!!!!! I can never complain I don't have enough from ya'll; can't complain I can get enough either! love love love

Thanks to Airene. Siew Yng. Ester and Christina. Felix Jee.

6. My high school mates (Boon Seng, Xuan Hong, Patrick Sar, Allie, Evelyn) and all supporters from SMK Tenang Labis, Johor.

7. My faithful blogger buddies - Sheon, X, Jen Ni, Mrbheng, 3point8, howkeat.goh, Michelle Chin, Chingy, Calvin's wife... I don't know if I should add your links here, but thank you for standing up for me when I was away. (((:

8. Winson. Arix Foo. Darren. Charlie. Jeff. Jerry Leong. Wee Yet. Leet at Ohio. Chris Tope.

NONE of you from the above failed to:

  • Give your endless support and encouragement (when I was lost or made mistakes during my learning journey to be wise-r).
  • Always being there for me during my absence, and distance; either far or near.
  • Have solid faith in me; making me a stronger person than I already am.

Never to forget:

1. Sazzy Falak - for her encouragement, constructive criticisms, and good advices.

Jimmy Lim - for motivating and bringing out nothing but ONLY the BEST in me.

Kenny Sia - who at LEAST tried to stand up / protect me when I was OFFline for 2 months.

4. Each and Every member of Red.fm (Tim - *for snapping our pics away!*, Terry, JD, Helmy, Mary, Farah, Alvin, Kawai, EVERYONE!!!)- you guys ROCK!!! You made me feel that working is hard, but it can be FUN too!

Ringo. Miss C. Natasha. @ Red.fm

5. Mr. Shawn (Cutler) - who chose to cut MY hair for me, nevertheless never failed to impress me with his style and work! Oh oh~ Jackham, you too!

Very SPECIAL thanks to:

1. SU Zhen - an angel, the best listener I've ever met, my other hand when the other is "paralyzed", the one who understood and supported me throughout the wholeee competition when the whole world came crashing down on me; stood by my side giving me endless moral support when no one believes, THANK YOU. Thank you. Thank you.

Su. Dom. Ringo. Miss C.

2. Dom - my other one and only savior / faithful listener when everyone never felt the weariness to throw tonne of bricks at me and tempting to make me crazy!!! fair in and out. irreplaceable. Dom Dom!! Lots of Love~~~

3. Sam - For.

Last but not least, thanks to the sponsors:
  • EDARAN TAN CHONG MOTOR for the LOVELY, sexy, blood red magnificent 1.8 Nissan Latio
  • AmBank NexG Prepaid Mastercard for the generous amount of RM10,000 + RM1000 (previously) *drools*
  • WELLA Professionals for the non-stop supply of hair products and FREE treatments + hair cuts for 1 year!
  • Escada, Bebe, Nose, Reebok, etc, etc...


To those who has favouritism, preferential bias, plays with manipulation, judgmentally judge me by first impression from the very start of the show and stubbornly stick to it till the end, polluting my name and face the way you want to see it on media -Thank you for making me a MEDIA VICTIM and today, a smarter. tougher. R.E.A.L person.

If girls are so sweet, why such facial impression on STAGE as I smile? (tho its not like a damn great smile lah)

And to "YOU" - the GREATEST thanks to YOU for always coming up to my ears whispering "you NEVER improved", "you have NO confidence", "CINDY~!!!@#$%^&", shaking your head every now and then in front of everybody (to show you are doing your job is it?) to bring me down before and during every photoshoot; thus making ME and EVERYONE thinks that I suck! Now, you made a FOOL of everyone, INCLUDING yourself!

To these handful of bloggers

Oh ya! Congratulations.

To these handful of bloggers, Facebookers, geeks, who don't think I deserve this - Can't you see you are the reason why I'm here today? To Prove, and Improve. Thanks for the chance.

Most of all, I thank those whom I do not know but still voted for me, and THAT'S why this note is dedicated to you guys, as is my life, and victory.

Thanks for letting me know I'm loved and love. Most of the cruelty in the world is just misplaced energy.

Love and peace in abundance,
Miss C xxxxx