Thursday, February 28, 2008

Dreamingirl or Dreamgirl

Dear Readers,

i'll be away for 2 weeks MONTHS from the 1ST day of March till 28TH April 2008; living in a secret villa called Dreamhome with
11 other Malaysian Dreamgirls.

Which also means that
hotpinkchili will be abandoned and neglected for a period of time... ))):

However, you can still catch me @ starting 6TH of MARCH.

IF you happened to NOT know what this is all about, just log on into the website above, hang on in there for a while, & i'm sure you'll get a clear picture of the story. ;)

Below are some pictures i took during the Closed Audition for MDG.

girls in waiting...

we called this row the "Lucky Row"! t-hee...

posing bergetha-getha~!

sweet Ringo and Miss C -i told miss cheese she looks like Angelina Jolie a bit but she didn't believe... q:

with "Cecilia"! i think i'm pretty lucky ey~!!

another new aspiring singer-to-be in Malaysia!!! see?!?!

the sweeeetesssst girl i'd everrrrr met! wthell where got people so sweet wannn! i miss munyee money!!!

Priscillia whom i kept reminding her that she looks a lil' like Jessica Simpson and she -___-"(ed). LMAO~~~

Oh well, those are the pictures i managed to get. A recap?

Once upon a time, Miss C took pictures with...

1. Angelina Jolie
2. Cecelia
3. Aspiring *NEW* Singer
4. Sweetest Dollar Bill Smile girl; MunYee
5. Jessica Simpson

in ONE day! hahaha!!!

Anyway, here are some craAaZeey pictures i took @ my cousin's bedroom... { after this must take all professional shots lehhh~ ):):): }

Maybe something like.....



i'm actually a not-so-thin model. gua gua gua~~~

& here comes the freaky funky pics lah~ :


hapi giler~!

my sexy nerdy curvy lips; this time taken with my SAGittarius BROther... =S

Then off to dinner @ Nando's in Pyramid... (mummy lurrrvee Nando's!)

extra hot agen! i mean, the chicken on the plate. lolz~

& @ Sakae Sushi the following day~ :

The Fierce & The Cool. HA-HA-HA!!! wth

mermaid eaterrrs! kakaka...

***my happy, beautiful family***

If you remember, my previous post was about my visit to the hospital? & i almost forgotten that i actually took 2 pictures outside the building...

Nice lake?? Not bad ey..~

but actually, just opposite that BEAUTIFUL lake, is a POLLUTED river. -_____-"

can see ah? a bit too bright i think. but... yah, my dear children. why la just by the hospital~ so ironic.

my shopping bags from the 1ST day for MDG... even PAJAMAS also have to buy. gimme my money back!!! ):):):

other preparations would be the non-oily food and lotsa veges mum purposely cooked for me... ^^

Alrighto peeps! i've gotta continue pack and stuff... & Oh ya, before i forgot, the VOTING for Malaysian Dreamgirl starts on 11TH of MARCH TILL 28TH APRIL. One girl will be eliminated every week; so get your cellphones & start voting for me k!?!?!?! i'll try my VERY best to NOT let anyone down!!! :D

but i'm gonna miss home..., and everyone i know; from life to net....... cuz no handphones, laptops, or even cameras are allowed for 2 years months~! *phewww~*

Till we meet agen dear children... Wish me luck & Keep on Voting!!!