Saturday, May 10, 2008

To The T !

Happy Mother's Day to All the Mothers in the Whole Wide World !!!!! :D

I expect everyone to be pretty occupied at some point of the day today~! Well, I was (and still in the middle of something actually!) but I've decided to take a few minutes off to post up this entry.

This is just going to be a simple, easy, light, fluffy post. E-nough of the dramas, rumors, and debates, my dear people. I need a break. And so do you! (:

10th May : 11 AM

So. I woke up early this morning around 7, (pakat-ed with my brother last night) and decided to make a SURPRISE breakfast treat for mum! And THIS, is what I made.......... *kekeke*


4 green apples (remove core, chop off 1/2 inch of core & place it back to apple as BASE)

1/3 cup of raisins ->
2 T soft brown sugar -> Mix these 3 ingredients together into 1
1/2 t mixed spice ->

1 cup orange juice
30g of butter (cubed)

The Simple Ingredients.

Stuff the raisin mixture into the apple core.

Pour orange juice and pieces of butter over apples in a baking tray.....

Bake for 45 minutes in a preheated oven @ 180 degrees,


But mine's without the cream. (cream is very unhealthy la ya?) And here's my brother's fried rice!

Don't underestimate this o, there's like minced chili padi EVERYwhere cuz my mum likes it HOT! hahaha..... q:

Later in the morning, mum taught me how to make a very, very SPECIAL, rare kuih you guys might not seen or heard before.....! It's called :


This delicacy is only found in the rural areas of Terengganu, Kelantan dot dot dot... and the main ingredients are pulut, dessicated coconut, and ikan kembung (please DON'T use other species of fish. I mean, you won't die DIE, but it's justtt..... not right.). Add a pinch of salt and sugar, and there~ you go~!!!

Now THAT'S for ama... while mum also helped Eugene with the sandwiches for ama.....!

~eggies & thin slices of cucumber in between soft steamed bread~ *YUMMM!*

Meanwhile, these were the fancy things which came in between the past CRAZY week!

Went for a Japanese buffet @ Starhill; but the section that attracted me MOST was the dessert's instead! I really couldn't help it. They had both Baskin Robins AND Haagen Daaz!!

cute morsels awaiting to be picked and savored...

mochi-s in : strawberry, cream & cake | honey dew| peach | black sesame (was the nicEST!)

And that was my 1st celebration at KL. Went for dinner at Island Cafe round SS2 with Su, Dom, and Ringo. (Ringo I want the picture with flash LEH! lol)

Yesterday was a day well spent with my grandma and aunt. I went to this kopitiam (The Most Visited one in Labis) for the very 1ST time (because TOO many uncles sit there and ogle lah, "blow canons" lah, lah lah lah... EVERY.DAY.)

Peng Heong Kopitiam.

*My silly brother and I* kakaka.....

the zhao pai drink : horlick nestum & teh si

roti kahwin!!

Ha1f boiled egg; must have right?

I was told to DRINK it, not use the teaspoon! & SURPRISINGLY,,,,, people,,, it DOES tastes BETTA that wayyy~!~!~! Serious shit!

Next stop was to the RM1.90 shop. This town has a wide spread of these.

Ocean Cap is the biggest 1.90 amongst so far. OK, I know I'm lame to brag about seringgit sembilan shops here lah kay, but some stuff are real COOL if you really go explore!

For example :

1) RM 1.90 shot glass, wine glass, beer mug...!

2) Lastiks! remember THESE?! HAHAHA!!! seringgit sembilan EACH.

During primary school, I, dot Dot DOT... used tiny pieces of honey dew skin and lastik! my Science teacher's back when he was writing on the blackboard. =X the funny thing was, that he didn't realize anything until he felt the kebasahan. LOL!!! that time, we had to make our own "weapon"; (sebab kalau Beli kena Rampas, Sakit Hati!) but now kids can get em' at RM1.90 in the market. *so unfair*

Now, now, children~ DON'T JUDGE Me! I'm sure everyone has their mischievous doings during their junior times~~! q:*

a boy enthusiastically searching for the toy he wants after much persuasion done towards his dad.

3) Masks & Swords. -She did have fun. HAHAHA... *criticize lah, criticize. go on, on and on~~~

bagi critic too much you become like this.

4) Longan Jelly Candle -those candle stuff which looks damn eatable; always make me feel like buying and keeping them as a gift for those whose birthday falls on 1st of April. lolx!

And that was the very end of our sweaty but pleasurably congenial trip. (:

Speaking about jellies, mom made a jelly fruit cake as a xiu yi si in conjunction of Mother's Day EVE!!!

totally picturesque!

Next, is ___ ____ ____!!!!! :

BEE HIVE Cake!!!!!

And this is WHY it is named as such :

:DDD Just like a bee hive.

Then we have muffins,

Blueberry muffins~.

COTTON. CHEESE. CAKE. !!! *my favvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvV* <--- REALLY FEELS LIKE COTTON ON YOUR TONGUE !!!!!

O ker = Kuih Keladi. is a savory type of delicacieee~ usually drenched with black bean chili sauce! (but then it won't look good on picture so...)

The Nasi Briyani Section :

Acar Nenas

Nasi briyani tomato

pipping HOT rendang ayam in the POT!

The TVB Section :

Whenever I watch a Cantonese drama, in at least ONE of the episodes, the mother role will ask the son / daughter role who comes back after work past dinner time; if she wants to drink:

1) Soup
2) Thong suei

Well, I had BOTH already since I came back! And I'm gladdd~~~

In-&-Out Ginseng Chicken Soup

i don't know what's this called, but it's goooooddd babe~! ..q:

The conclusion is, it's just simply good to be HOME.

and YESSS! my MOM was the CHEF who cooked all the above!!! (except for those that I cooked lah~)

I am feeling just so blardy lucky to have a mum like MOM! The ONLY ONE thing I wouldn't want to exchange with ANY one, OR thinggg from the whole Universe. muahahaha.....

10th May : 11.55 PM

Phewww~ I'm back. Mother's Day IS a busy day if you want it to be. If you wondered what I was doing before, my brother and I actually went around town to find "the perfect gift" for mom.

So we told some lies, sneaked out, got a great parking space, found our IDEAL gifts, got discounts also, did some wrapping and scribbling, HID the present somewhere... and made mom CRIED !!!!! !!!!! !!!!! !!!!! !!!!! yayyy..... *=S

Then around 6 PM, all family members from dad's side went to Cha'ah to this restaurant famous for cooking fresh water frogsss.....

But today, they RAN OUT OF frogs. wth! So we ordered some other rare stuff instead,

Such as ........................................................................................

wild deer,

and guess what's this?!



Fresh water turtle.

eeeee eeeee..... I neva' knew it looked like THAT! from now on, I've gotta think twice before eating it. I used to wonder HOW the "Anonymous" comment-iers who posted angry comments in my blog might LOOK like? Now I'm sorry, but I have to admit that this visual image helps my imaginations notably! =ppp

Alright children. It's gettin' late and I've gotta get up early. Leaving home at 5IVE AM tomorrow!!!

***~Good night, Sleep tight, Sweet dreams~***

p/s : I'm still drafting. Carefully. If you know what I mean. ^^