Monday, May 26, 2008

Princess Diaries

i think i would love this to be a picture heavy post. (:

NO TIME aaa!!!!!

& since i havent been updating recently, i'm breaking this post down by dates; just so you know how Cindy Tey has been behaving so far. ha ha ha~

Yesterday, May 27.

11 a.m.

i finally got my DreamCar and she's a beauty! Incandescently GORGEOUS!!! :D

the lustrous, luminous red gloss... so effulgent.

& no one has the keys to this, except M.E. ha ha ha!

Speaking about new cars, I have a lil' story to share.

Once upon a time (lol), far far away in a country town, a girl name Cinderella over-heard a conversation between two aunties.

1 is Aunty J, & the other..... let's just call her Aunty B.

Aunty J: Guess what i did today?
Aunty B: What? Something interesting??? *pattt a bit*
Aunty J: i saw a Mercedes parked in front of Tai Tong's shop today...
Aunty B: Oh? Who's car?
Aunty J: i don't know. But i couldn't stand the sight of it; so i took out a coin, & scratched it harrddd~ HA HA HAaaa!!!
Aunty B: What a jealous piece of brat. You suck!

ROFL. This is a true story. People do silly things, don't they? Things i could never understand why they are done.

O.K. Let's take a break from that one.

Here are some pictures i took in my *NEW* car! ^^

sexc mamma mia~

lookin' thru the window eyes...

with baby Julian

Who is so damn cute! hahaha!!!

Now THAT! That! That,,,'s my Phone. *bling bling* =s

Then we went to Petronas; bought some nuts & almonds for our dono-yang-keberapa lil' mini-celebration in the car... & that's a bottle of water from Edaran Tan Chong Motor!

Edaran Tan Chong Motor 's office, in K.L.

2 p.m

Went to Sunway Pyramid 's Digital Center to get a new PHONE. my DreamPhone... & iloveitiloveitiloveit!!!

Check this out, man.

It's the HTC Tom TOUCH Cruise!!!

Happy Cruising, people!!!!! :D

This is the BEST phone eva' I SWEAR! & there is a Reason why it is named "Cruise".

Go Go Check It Out!!! & don't worry, i'm not paid to do this for advertising purposes!

Quote Carlsberg: "Best Things in Life Are Shared!"

So if you own a dream of having a PDA phone but own more doubts about it, MY suggestion is: go to PDA Arena; located @ Sunway Pyramid's Digital Centre (Old Wing Highest Floor). There, they have the best PDA experts; all moved in from Low Yat. ;)

"Don't plray plray ahhh~!"

My munch for lunch?

"Yip Noodles... something something..."

=S i'm sorry. i forgot the name. =( But it definitely starts with Yip something.

i tell you lah, this is the BEST wantan mee shop in MY dictionary~! i find it quite astonishing; because i thought great wantan mee shops must be hidden somewhere OUTSIDE malls (especially)! So if you wonder WHY this shop, i'm actually focusing on the noodles itself.


Anyone anyone??? By Sunday we go agen? Seriously!

The Meeeeeeeeee !!! *2 thumbs UP!*

the qing chao vegs are not OILY! which is the besttt part!

Chopstick ends.

Monday, 26th May

12 p.m.

Went for casting @ The Talent Factory. All went well, & i'm very glad~ ^^

2 p.m

Book Fest!!! @ KLCC Convention Centre that is. 2nd time there.

The 1st time was when the Li Wei Song School of Music students & i went there as singers / dancers for Quincy Chen Ren Feng's qian chang hui.

some scrabble games going on the Stage we used to perform on.

Hmmm... oh well~

That's me; Outside the convention center...

... because the air conditioning inside was like damn f*cking coldddd! can you believe that; my hands & feet went numb i almost faint weihh!

the cook books section where mum spend hours, & hoursss of searching. Wonder why she's such a good cook? ;)

Learning never stops. Research people, REsearch!!!

While MOM studies that, i study some OTHER stuff.


& Yes, i actually bought the book. LOVIN' IT TOO~!!! Can't believe i'm actually loving everything lately! =D

8 p.m

Dina @ Restaurant Overseas :

Guess what we ate AGEN?!



HA HA HAAA ~ ! ~ ! ~ ! ~ ! ~ !

NO lah !

We had :

Spinach cooked with Century Eggs

Vegetarian mix

Assam Prawns

Jiang Chong Boneless Fish

Happy?. ;)

They are STILLL serving turtles, people~~~ =P

Sunday, 25th May

7 months to Christmas. That's actually quite a longgg way to go, isn't it? LOL!

25th May happened to be my long long long X1000 longgg awaited outing eva! Been waiting for this for yearsssss my goodness!

2.30 p.m

A gathering with all my dear. beloved. cousins.

But one's missing, AGEN!!! >.<

Tan Sheau Torng!!! @ MELAKA! hmph.

We equals to a burstin' haven of flavours!!! ^^

4+ p.m


eye Camera eye Candid on eye Candies~!

Peik Shang & Chiew May; sweet in Black & Blue~

Me & Peik Shang; in hues of Black, White & Grey... Interesting isn't it? How colors play a role in our lives? ;)

with the Taiping Princess!

Johor Princess & the Kuala Terengganu Princess~!

it's actually illegal to take pictures in Forever21. but yeah.

6.15 to 8.15 p.m

Watched 4 star movie; "Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of Crystal Skull"

8. 15 p.m.

Dina @ Kim gary (+ Josh Lim)

lookin' sweet over there, Mr Josh!

Below goes some girlie activities...

Did we change much, over the yearss?

Miss C | Josh Lim | Chiew May

Nevertheless, we all went back tired as hell; but onlined till bout 3 a.m+ anyways. FFS, gals!

Saturday, 24th May

Met Arix Foo for Iron Man, & Charlie, Jon, Harry, Kevin CHAN for tea, bumped into Rocky there & then who introduced me to Michael. *phewww~*

Stale Bread Tastes Good

These are pictures taken with my high school mates & hometown buddies few days ago... Scroll down..... (:

Miss C & Gan sayang

Kai Loon | Miss C | Gan

Moving Er eRR | Seng | Miss C | Ah Hao

ahh... there you go; the Group shot Taukeh insisted us to take standing in front of his million dollar counter~ hahaha!!!

& the rest of the dayz ?

I was baby-sitting. Videos coming up next, so stay tuned! 8-)

Well, i hope you enjoy these heaps of diary notes & clippings all in 1 page, 1 entry, 1 post.

Life's been GREAT for me so far; thanks to those who cared, cares, & still caring.

You're so much appreciated here in my heart. (:

A new car (but i think i'm gonna use my PINK one just incase i bump into Aunty J! LMAO), a new phone, new job, new LIFE, but OLD friends are always the Best, aren't they.

What i NEED now is a new PLACE TO STAY!!!!!

So NOW,,, i'm OFF CONDO-HUNTING! Good things come in a bundle of joy, & i'm sure i'll get one Beauty habitat soon.