Saturday, May 31, 2008

A Dash of Pinkish Delight~!


Condo searching failed. HAIYOOO~!

Went back to Yip's Kitchen 2 days ago and had my translucent mee alone. ))):

a lonely plate of mee.

Proceeded to PDA rena; figuring out how to use my new phone and downloaded voices for Garmin GPS.

Met up with Winson & had dina @ Gas.....

Vietnam Seafood Rice


Fried Singapore Mee Hoon. -It's hard, dry, uncooked, too salty, & too OILY. WTF?!


Kinda like a T-Shirt day lah

Following Day:

Went condo searching agen around Damansara... got too hungry we passed by Fork & Spoon & had lunch there. A 2 hours LUNCH. muahaha~~~

Was featured in the last episode of Malaysian Dreamgirl if you noticed.

the fingerfood served at the MDG Finals in One Utama was also by them. Food is GREAT, but hey!, it's not HALAL leh!!! Why i saw Muslims ate them at the Finals wan? kakaka.....!

Winson adding SALT in his Penang Prawn Mee or what!? LOL~

My RM10.90 ONLY set lunch of Nyonya food which came in platesssss! Quite ok la~

& the BESTEST thing is?????

The MANGO SALAD. i swear.... you MUST try if you go there.

in the making

ta daa~!~!~!~!~! :DDD

it's very very very deli LEH!!! *eee*

Watched Narnia's Prince Caspian @ Cineleisure yesterday...

Ben Barnes (Prince Caspian) is damn cute hottt! He really DOES looks like a PRINCE to Me!

In between all these dayz was the SHOPPING SPREEEEE which was longlastingneverending.....

Guess how much was spent here!? *faints*

Plus, 2 freaking COOL T-Shirts for my Brother!

oohhh~ HOTTT~!!! q=