Tuesday, January 29, 2008

"Who is He?" & "So, who are You!"

Everyone has been floodinggggg me with "Who is HE?!" s and "Is he your boyfriend!?" s EVERYWHERE lah! Especially MSN.

You see his face on my Facebook, you see him in my Friendster account, and if you havent, you can see him "featured" in hotpinkchili, NOW!

So, WHO. IS. HE ???!!!???!!!???!!!???!!!???!!!

i don't know why does it matter if he IS my boyfriend or NOT, but here is a piece of story i would really love to share with those who care because they care... (:

busy bodies also can lah!!! we are Malaysians marrr~! +o(

If you read my entry about my trip to Vietnam before, my family and I actually got to know this very friendly family from Perth, Australia. I, then became great buddies with this 19 years old boy named Timothy Tjhung; who makes me feel kindaa old... ))):

Remember those days when you flipped through your 101 Sample Essays books in the evenings; and you read informal letter examples about your overseas pen pal who wants to pay you a visit bla bla bla???

I used to think those are crappy shitz, but it looks to me now that this actually DOES happen in real life!

Tim extended his air flight ticket from the 3rd to 23rd of January and I somehow got to take him around~ One fine day, my parents fetched me AND Tim from kl BACK to MY hometown..... =S * i couldn't believe this TOO hey~!*

Kolam Air Panas @ Tenang
(if you dont know Tenang, its near Labis),
(if you STILL dont know Labis, its near Segamat),
and Segamat is located in Johor, MALAYSIA.

lolz! terlalu kampong hometown aku nihhh~

the kampungers believe that this hot spring water could cure just ANY skin desease! but it seems to me that it'll only make your epidermis ROT even more..... >.<

my brother Eugene and Tim tengoh buat bodoh~ hahaha!!!

jeng jeng jeng~~~ here comes my appearance... -.-

Tim's visit to my hometown brought me back to a place i'd always wanted to go, but never could...

...my previous old house i lived in till i was 12!!! it looks so damn ugly now; i wonder what the hell the current owner does everyday~

You know, if I were a millionaire, I would SO BUY THIS HOUSE and keep it FOREVER!!!!! ))):

SRK Sri Labis - my primary school!!! =DDD

Then comes dinner time when mum and dad brought us all to this tangggy Assam Fish Head place!

where i ate the WHOLE fish... i DONT. WANT. to talk about it~~~

capturing sepia using my brother's new Sony Ericsson i dont know what the hell model is that W900 W910i wtf.

At HOME...

we basically just ate all... day... longgg... and did nothing like the world didnt care~

Then, BACK to KL in dad's car...

as i cam whored when Tim Tam was asleep. wukakaka!!!


i got the new green tea latte thing and it looks like poo...~ =S

O-Ar Mee Suah @ 1U

we shared 1 bowl instead and ordered the XXL chicken. have you guys ever tried them before actually? its damn nice eh!

& now its Donuts time!!!!!

1/2 a dozen

a baby boy who kepttttt smiling @ me when he saw me squealing at the donuts. lolz~

J & Co. too!!

The Apartment @ The Curve

Met up with Audrey; my other BEST friend in this whole. wide. world.


4 times in a week or so~ omfg...

got FAT?!?!?!

Makan AGAIN. -_____- """

met up Airene and her sis, Hwee Rene for dina @ Waterlily

3 or 6?

Kevin & Airene

Me & Timothy TJHUNG

lala lala ~ ~

Damansara's TESCO !

Tim bought a red lion head for my mum. aIyO~~~

and i got the ingredients to cook Chili Con Carne with Pasta!

Sunshine with her bone outside Tim's grandma's house @ night

it's all said~!




= ITALLIAN!!! aint? ^^

Mid Valley 's __________

then shop Shop SHOP lah!

SS2's noodle place...

beauty man~! lolz

mussels and prawns and scallops and ... where's the mermaid???

Group picture : Malaysian Tasmanian students GATHERINGGG

Strictly NO guys ALLOWED.

Girl POWERRR~!~!~!

*~*Malacca Day*~*

all ready and set to...

Rock 'n' Roll, baby!!

simply forcing the camwhoring bits to squeeze in a car with 5 peeps...

5 HOURS LATER (cuz got lost TWICE!!) : Reaches -

...painting such picturesque streets black, and white.

Airene and Miss C buying some deliciousss apam balik!

The Stage - _White cum Black_ -

Airene | Miss C | Chrissy | Ester | Siew Yng | Ting Ting <--- ALL the Tassie gurlz in MALAYSIA TANAH AIRKUUUU~~~~~

Airene with her after-shock face - by the Wrigleys chewing gum with cockroach in it~!

the DIGI banana flava condom people wtf. hahaha!!!

see how FUNNY they actually ARE!? an uncle actually piggybacked him away cuz he asked for my hp number!! *faints*

Satay Celup a.k.a Lut Lut!

Airene | Siew Yng | Chrissy havin' heaps of fun with sates~

Tam & Tim

every stop is meaningless without a picture with Airene and i in it. (:

chionggg arrr ^^^^^


the i-forgot-his-name whom i bullied in the car all the way home~ notice the tiny pink hat on his head? its 1 of those things i got from Jonker Walk which i really like for a very cheap price! =D

Pedicure Sessions~!!! Or is it Mani?
-sometimes i think i was born a boy.

Airene ler...

my ugly feet being scrubbed and rubbed a dubbed dubbed ~

i chose glittery turquoise! nice??? to match my new pair of shoes lah!

being beautiful

and then...

Strawberry Cheese Cake


arrkkk!!! no, she didnt eat em' all

but perhaps, i did. HAHAHA!!!!!

Tim and I, Airene and Chris; after dinner.

After Itallianies, before Laundry. q=

Laundry; one of my FAV hangout places anytime, any day!

Oceanic Blue something~ its too damn thick tho!

Jeff & Airene ; Tim & Tam

the guys trying their best using body heat to melt the ice so that this thick goop tastes better faster...

and it does! =)))

Me and Jeff Jeff

Next stop!?

gettin' ready...

all ready to go to...

hahaha... you know where is this dont you?

Nothing more than our one & only Genting Highlands LORH~ Where else can you take people in Malaysia, kalau kat Kay Elle???

on the boat ride~!

4D theater show which SUCKS to the MAX when the try-hard thingy kept spraying water into our ears to boost our adrenalines but failed in vain LAH~

But we still had fun; as Tim said he purposely combed his hair to the side for me to create this nerdy look, and peeps! Notice my SMILE...! kekeke~ so damn freakinggg ming keong wan.

pin tua liao. go makan better.

Curry mee

Ipoh hor fun

Ribena float and Cucumber juice. Greattt combination!! HAHAHA!!! luckily no one lao sai~

Had nothing to do so we went to watch Cloverfield. i LOVVVE that movie a LOT, you know?! But it makes you very DIZZY. Right?, righT??? Aiyo~

massage chairs in cinemas... @.@

when cinemas make you bored of waiting, tired of life, sick of camwhoring...

go have a drink!

and finger lickin' goods!!

it actually makes your picture looks NICER!!! wtf.

breakfast while watching Spiderman, Jackie Chan, and Jumanji!!! *we prefer cartoons after all*


just before we leave.

this time going down...

i managed to pull it off quite nicely, hey? i was actually feeling very sick and bloaty... PMS larh! nabeh

lookin' red in the bus.

a dinner so beautiful, yet so hard to swallow...

cuz Summer is about to end.....

when you're gone.

Well, now Tim is back to Perth, my laser-ed eyes are healing normally, and it's NOWWWWW time for me to :


So, kalau sesiapa yang ada kawan mau cari rumah / is working as a WEDDING PLANNER (i know, i know~) please, PLEASE tell me @ my comment box KKKKK ????????????????????

& Malaysian Dreamgirl auditons are coming up very, very SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wish me luck in the auditions kay~?!?!? Then bolehlah tengok adinda ONLINE~! hehehe..... #^o^#