Monday, January 28, 2008

Durian Cake

Those. Days. Were. G.O.N.E!!!

The days when i eat chips soaked in gravy or ketchup for lunch 3 times a week @ OZ...

-______________________- "


When you eat OUT side, its either:

1. tOO Oily

2. tOO much MSG (ajinomoto)

makes me feel either like a tong minyak, or a camel. ko lian~

FYI, i am planning to take part in the "Malaysia Dreamgirl" online reality show... =S

And THAT means i have to "jaga badan". the bentuk, i mean. =SS

SO lehhh, mum cooked some STRICTLY "non-oily" dishes for me... =DDD

cucumber hollows with sweet chili tuna !!

100% chicken broth soup with pasta and button mushrooms ~

but, GOTTT fattening stuff ALLLSO !!!!! damn tangggyyyy ahh ~!

baked stuff crabs with cheese !!

mum's AWESOME durian cake !!!!! !!!!! (tho i HATE durians, somehow this cake of hers made me gobbled 5 pieces .....)

OK. i DONT. WANT. to talk about. IT. *sobz*