Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Something Fishyyy

this is my FIRST fishing experience ever! or perhaps, a photoshoot session...

Kinwai and Kamini; the two Pieces getting excited to catch their own species while chatting at the front seat

Battman Bridge crossed

our chosen fishing spot.

and me found a crooked chair!!! hahaha! look at my FACE~!

my faithful golden bag and me; far away, never apart. (:

Jason and Kat; the fishing King and Queen!

oiii, Kamini!!! you posing ker belajar fishing? hahaha!!!

Kinwai became our fishing teacher of the day~ *wOOt!*

Airene doing her 1st catch (still seeing this girl in my blog, you knOw this entry is suppose to be posted up wayyyyy earlier~ LOL!)

and, she caught seurat seaweed! hahaha! like sehelaiii only liddattt~ -___-"

i wasn't fishing at all really. i was posing. but at least i admit lah! cuz..... err... HeHe!!

Hassan the fisherman. i think in this picture he really looks like one loh!

Kinwai caught a flathead!!!!!

ewWwWw~~~!!! GROSS!!!!! i just can't stand creatures without legs!

that's why i was just cam whoring all the wayyyyy~~~ have naga phobia marrr... )))=

now THIS is REAL Fishy Business! wukakaka... Smoking!!! *faints*

aik.. aik... i think Jason caught something!!!

and _ it's _ a _ CRABBB ~!!!!!

crab head! hahaha!!! no. actually,,, dont you think it looks like a toad from here???

cruUuising with our sunniess~!!! *B-)

with Miss Lynette; the most friendly Singaporean i ever met!

Mr. ZouK and Miss Jade Z.

Kamini Lynette and Zuk Pang who gataled and wore my sweater!!! HA-HA-HA!!! q:

reallyyy naughty, Zuk~ reallyyyyy naughty of ya! lols

above ...

... when being under is happier ? lol

your hand ,

my feet ,

above the turquoise seaweed tales ,

under the blue, BLUE! , sky ...

live a delightful Aquarius and a dainty Scorpio !

under the sun, it makes me hungry !!

Miss C & Airene 's fishing time healthy diet snack !

a golden girl under a golden sun with a golden apple . Ok, maybe not _ the apple.

an apple a day keeps the doctor away ~!!!

your eyes are now festing a girl who is the apple of her daddy's eyes ... #^^#

what laarrr~~~ potong stimmm sajer... i had jusT begun refloating my emotions while typing these one liners and this(!) picture reminded me of the tremendously mischievous wind that blew my healthy snacK awayyy! *hmph!*

OK... One. Last. Shot. to end this fishyyy entrrry~!

fish me.