Friday, December 7, 2007


Sorry guys, i'm not in a mood to blog today. but i know it's time to update it.

for the past few days, my blog has been less wordy, or EXTREMELY wordy. i guess its a sign of me; lost in faith, lost of passion. blame Tasmania.

all i want to do now is morething; not nothing. holidays have never made me feel that its too much except for this time HERE!

my retainer broke; leaving my teeth "zhou wei" back to their original positions. i dont know what to do with that now. brace it AGAIN and spend another 5000+++? -__________-"

my eyes... dad made an appointment with my LASIK doctor; but there is a high possibility that i cant do it yet because my corneas are not healthy / normal anymore (too many holes). - but i am going to Vietnam on the 29th... what to do? i don't want to go with my fucking SPECS!!! ))):

my hair and eyebrow needs trimming BADDDDDLYYYYY. very, VERY badly. S.O.S!!!!!

fourth, i put on 4KGs and my weight can never go lesser than (4Y+4)KGs since bloody 6 months ago. everything starts when second semester did!

not least, my beloved dainty PINK Sony camera and Sony DVD camera spoilt; one few months back during second sem, and one TODAY.

my loves are torn, i am sore, we are alone.

i just wanna go home... please let me go home... NOW!!!!!

and please advise me on how to solve these problems. i seek beauty in my surroundings and within myself; so anything that means destroying the word beauty makes me very unhappy.

*sobz...* ))):