Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Sanguine PowerPuffs !

when we in lieu love hanging out with the people we love most , spending time with another bunch of people you don't really know well , could give you a whole new boost of experience as well !

since my "first degree friends" ; which was the way i put it , left me back to Malaysia , i thought i was all alone . i know no one , i have no one , i feel empty and lost . it took me some time , but not too long to realize that as long as there are human around you , there is love , and time . (:

lately , i've been hanging out with a new bunch of friends ; which includes Ester , Christina , Siew Yng , Boon Hong , and Brennan . its been great so far , and i'm having fun ! except for the fact that i have no money left with me to go on voyages anymore . i've gotta save at least SOME for Melbourne for this COMING Sunday . left 180 dollars with me ; God bless !

alrite guys , so these are the few things ; what we do when we don't go on trips :

# Q1. one of the mitzvahs by hanging out with Ester and Christina is ?
A1: we get to ferret out multifarious coffee shops around this pea-sized town !!!

and so i always thought that the only place to get heavenly chocolate drinks and delicate handmade chocolates is Max Brenner or Koko Black at Melbourne . one fine day , when i was hanging out with my "second degree friends" (which WAS the way i put it) , Felix 's made a suggestion to yumcha at Gloria Jeans , and was boldly rejected by the girls ! they suggested .....

* ~ * C h o c o l a t e * ~ *


hahaha .....

a various variety of chocolates !!! sadly , its not " all you can eat " .

animals and shit shape chocolates ! HAHAHA !!! i'm just kidding ~ but they SURELY look like those ~!

Siew Yng | Me | Chrissy lazing on da' red soft comfy couch

Ester jumped in ! *pouting and sulking* lol ~

a picture of a thousand emotions . OK , mayyybeeee ... only 4OUR . xixixixi ~

# Q2. the second asset of spending time with em' gurlz ?
A2: you are allow to create different things using FOOD in the kitchen !

now THIS is my very FIRST time looking at SUSHIS rolling out from my very OWN hands ! having the sticky vinegar rice glued on your palm and the sides of each ten fingers , i really feel like smudging them to my face ; *blu bu lu blublu~* giving it a good ol' kickass massage a.k.a FACIAL instead of manufacturing California Roles ! you know those rice mask from SkinFood™ ? if you dont , go check em' out . they have black rice ones too , and they are both AWESOME !!!

sushi pictures ! :

Sashimis .

our final product ! + Miso soup !

us girls ! | Chrissy | Yng | Ester | Miss C |

this time , PLUS Boon Hong and Brennan ! and whats that "itakakimas" word ? how do we spell it ? =S

# Q3. more cream ???
A3: you get to go to Barbecue parties with the elder kids !

and WHY is THIS an advantage as well ? cuz if you go to a BBQ with people MY age , usually the meat is never cooked . HAHAHA !!! this time , we had a REALLL goooood barbecue with nicely cut , cubed , diced vegetables and mushrooms ; punched thru thin bamboo sticks and grilled together with puffy melting marshmallows ..... need me say more ? cuz i'm HUNGRY , babe ! lolx ~

more shots !!! :

Group pic !!!

and Brennan was the *STAR* of the day ; because HE , was Fashionably LATE !!! wukakaka ...

Brennan and Me with flowers and lazy hands ~ -___-"

cute Christina posing with Mr. Brennan !

Brennan and Ester in hues of classic Black , and Red .

Brennan | Casper | Jun Ming | Felix - which is your cup of tea , my girl friends ? hahaha !!!

i jadi kepochi ; jumped into the picture also with the guys . but no one 's lookin' here !

and SO , we made it RIGHT ! :DDD

super duper HOT , Puh Ri Tee - Girlsssss ~!!!

and , the lasttt. FINAL. shot of the day . (:

life is full of colors when you embrace it , and if you don't ; thus hide in your nutshell ... Bless YOU !

in ONE condition though . a GIRL like ME really NEEEEEDS $money$ to SURVIVE !!!!! so God Bless ME !!!!!!!!!!