Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A Note to Mr. Yap

Look at this picture and Observe the poses given below :

i'm not here to complain ; but since everything has come to an END , let me END it the way it STARTED .

in the picture you just saw (above) , these are people who :

1. DESPISE me - 25%
2. Neutral - 25%
3. Are my friends but dare not bitch in front of me - 18.75% (maybe sebab takut kena hotpinkchili-ed la kan~)
4) Knows me but i know them not - 18.75%
5) Najib , our MSA president in yellow whom i THINK is the only one who does appreciates me as a friend.

These people were celebrating a birthday party for someone in this picture . Perhaps they thought no one who likes me were there , so SOMEONE screamed :

" Let's take a picture doing the 'CINDY POSE' ! "

*Wahhhhh~!!!* Damn brave horrr! WHEN in the WORLD did i do POSES like THATTT ?!?!?!?

After these MEN ran out of poses to do they began to take pictures like females. if i cam whore at a party , people look at me like i'm an alien , but when i am not there ? tiuniaseng ! luckily i got "KAKI" everywhere here !

OK lah , you can say its alright whad ; i am so bloody famous here at TASMANIA , at least got people want to follow my "trademark" lah kan~ but mind you the person who suggested this is NOT my FRIEND lorrhhh! *A-PUI~!!!*

Like fucking kittens , some dickheads just listen without using their brain to judge , thus play the "you-friend-her-i-dont-want-to-friend-you" game . Then simply spread the tale they heard from ONE-SIDE across the suburbs.

Like shemales , the 25% of asshole bastards act like men with pussies. Maybe thats WHY some of them only dare to play futsal , not real soccer .

And to this ONE tiny little dwarf who suggested this very WISE idea here , don't think anybody likes you just because English is the only language you speak ; you are an Asian YOURSELF but you look down on US and ALL YOU WANT TO HEAR is 'YES' and DO. YOU. ACTUALLY. THINK. that the whole world loves to agree with you ???!!! Let me tell you THIS! : You're just a DUMB , STUPID , BOAST !!!

Mr. Yap , i am SO sorry to see the failure of how you brought up your son to this world . Next time , train him before sending him overseas to do any shit ! Just because he is the youngest in your family doesnt make him King of the Universe . He is Trying Too Hard , mate ~!

And to the creatures with DICKS out there! , please be a gentleman . Of course your parents never taught you to be one , because they never thought that you are so DUMB and IGNORANT to use your freakinggg BRAIN to function !

What i'm talking about here is Justice ; as the quote below here best describes :

" What I am proud of, what seems so simply clear, is that feminism is a way to fight for justice, always in short supply. " - BARBARA STRICKLAND .

The girl the "different KIND of men" hate . q: