Monday, December 17, 2007

Poise Poise Pose

a thousand islands of SORRY you guys!!! i couldn't be even MORE paranoid about NOT being able to update as i have TWO NEW ADS coming in at THIS peek time as well!

a quick Pink Label recap ?

14th - Last day out with Brennan at LAUNCESTON, Tas. (my VERY lasttt day at Tassie; takkan choose to stay at home blog marrr, rite??)

15th - Graduation Day 11 a.m - 7.30 pm (fair enough la; takkan i blog in the hall!?!?!)

16th - Shopped at Melbourne from morning to night with IVY my dearrr!!! (i miss you, hon~!) :DDD

17th - Reached Malaysia ! (jet lagged and EXHAUSTED!!!!!!!!!!)

you still want me to BLOGGG ????? !!!!! if YES that means you all don't sayang me lah !!!!! lmfao

OK, i justtt heard the oven went "tinggg~!" ; and its breakfast time at MALAYSIA!!! :DDDDD

so lets make this quick!

~*~ Tasting Trip ~*~

Ester 's bro | Ester | a kid | aunty | Casper | Cindy (me)

a cute girl spotted tasting honey @ a honey tasting centre! hahaha!!!

flower girls! see the beezzz buzzing around us?? hehe..

lost in Fairy Land ... #^^#

well, AS THEY SAY~ : Rome is NOT built in ONE day~! HAHAHA!!!!!

Casper ; Pirate of Rome's Caribbean. LOL!

i think its Aristotle naik gatal ... LMAO!

Ester and Miss C @ a doll house 's ghost club !!!!! coooLLLL ~?

Casper & Boon Hong in front of the platypus centre

cruisin' , babe !

standing on a paradoxical heavenly cliff ~!!!

peacocking ourselves at an aboriginal centre ... lol

Ester and the stripeeey red & white lighthouse!

sometimes i run, sometimes i hide, sometimes i'm scared of you; but all i wanna do is hold you tight, treat you right, be with you day & night, baby all i need is ... ?

the inquisitive bird! see also dulan! bird with bird brains still wanna act smart. -____-"

OySteR pickin', baby~!

abalones!!! ^^

@ the Resort house

wEEEEE !!!!!

wishing i could melt here, with you; under the sunset...

i'm missing Tasmania, but i DONT WANT to go back THERE!

p/s : X, i know you've been trying to reach me; i apologize i didnt get to reply! am too, TOO busy here even at HOME!

will blog again tonite! about COOL dishes! i SWEAR!!! fresh crabs ... XOXO!