Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Crabby Patty Babyy !!!

As i promised ya'll not so lang syne ago, here comes another NEW blog entry in the SAME day!

This is how the CRAB story goes .....

me house dining room ! ^^

Ginseng Rice

"tu tor tenggg" (Black Pepper Pig Stomach Soup)

ShaoShing Wine Flavored Crab(!!!)

Hokkien Style Keropok Lekor (Steamed) K.Terengganu Style!!!

and over the TV room ...

i celebrated my MISSED 07' Deepavali!!!!!

Jintan Manis Flava' mumu ruk kuuu ~~~

Santan Muruku!!!


ain't my hot mama a real good cook ?! :DDDDD