Sunday, December 9, 2007

Absolutely Odoriferous!

This is my ~!@#$%^&*TH trip to Hobart. HAHAHA!!! too many, can't count! So... i guess i shall not say too much about the destinations. What to do la right; TASMANIA so fucking SMALL!!!

1. Mt. Wellington (blogged about before)

sizzling HOT girls under a giant dildo. what do you think? kakaka...

my two BESTEST friend in the Whole. Wide. WORLD! ; Airene and Felix!

scenically panoramic.

2. Little Italy (*NEW*)

This miniature shop specializes in spaghetti, but NOT your average spaghetti my fellow friends. The italian boss Asianized his recipes to attract Asian students to this shop. You can choose the level of spiciness you want from 1 - 10; and an extra 10 cents will be charged for each level up after L10!

this reminds me of those hawker stalls at Hong Kong that are small and ugly, but sells delicious food; thus visited by numerous artists every now and then with their faces stick on the wall each time they make their first time visit~

just lOOk at the innumerable people who came here before! and mind you this is just HALF the width of the wall my camera can capture!

Level ONE : Cabonara

Level FIVE : Seafood Marina

Level TEN (!!!!!) : Seafood Marina AS. WELL!!! which; is mine of coz. lol~

towards the end.....

bluuEEEKkkkk~!!!!! finished the zappity zesty zing spaghetti full of astringency! EXCEPT for the chili paste la. wan die mehhh!

half a group picture but its still finely great. (:

3. Hobart 's Starbucks! (1st time)

posing in brown~

Pumpkin + Passionfruit + Mango & Green Tea + Blueberry. wtf? what a HELL of a combination!

4. Vineyard @ Meadows something something~ (1st time as well)

wine and woman; what more can you ask for? haha!!

Group picture!!! :D

hide and seek behind the vines ???

Airene said i reminded her of her best childhood friend a.k.a cousin; so she requested to take this pose which they used to do... awww~~~ #^^#

while i had THIS idea... creative?? kakaka! q:

5. The damnnn rocky Beach

i know, this is HALF way TO the beach.


Yowie with the girls; pretty in pink

i think the wind blew me till i felt as if my face needed some reshaping work to be done!! LOL

because i am afraid of heights, i just waited for them to explore the ROCKS lorrr... ):

the BEACH!!!!! finally~ phew... had a hell lot of experience climbing uPPP and downnn those sharp rocks with slippers, man!

screaming my lungs lah, stress lah, tension lah, germs lah, all OUT after alllll these bloody monthsss!

back to our childhood days @ the playground by the beach!

The boss in green dulaned and ordered us girls to pump out the shit from the ground! HAHAHA!!!

6. CHOGA ; Korean Restaurant (blogged at LEAST 3hree times before)


but this is the 1ST time we ordered this tangy, piquant, qusto orgasmic Korean hotpot lar!

damnnn kai wei de side dishes

gettin' beefy!!!

an absolute relish!!!!! *heart!*

Airene and her glass noodles sprinkled with sesame seeds

7. Hobart 's Casino (blogged for the LAST time EVERRR, i SWEARRR)

trying to be Ballerina next to Mr. Nutcracker!!! hahaha...

The casino @ Hobart offers free drinks from the vendor machine. So the next time IF you ever come here lehhh, just go up to the 2nd floor and take Take TAKE! = Typical Asiansss! wukakaka.....

i think almost each of us drank 3-5 cups EACH! diao~! After dinner somemore! -___-"

Alrighto, me off to watch Russian Ark! a movie of 2000 cast members, 3 orchestras, 33 rooms, 300 years, ALL IN ONE TAKE!!! Meaning, the camera never stops moving to change angles!!!!! Impressive~!

Signing off now... xoxo, my beloved readers! ^^