Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Lunch Time is ALWAYS Happy Hour !

This is what i had for lunch today! lol... looks like i'm blogging 2 times A day; each time after a meal at HOME!!! Good lord~~~

1. TeoChew Crab Porridge
2. Lak Chiong Glutinous Rice
3. Home Made Fish Cake made from 90% Fish (!!!)
4. Betik Jeruk (Home Made AS WELL!!!!!)

EVERYONE said i got FAT, alright?!?! and so mum had heard enough of my complaints and made each of these little pleasures in SMALL portions JUST FOR MUAHHH!!! and SEE the crabby porridge??? so little rice in it. HeHe!!

Thanks, mum! i HATE carbo!!!

more to come tonight..... *;)