Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Nothing Else but A Broken Heart.

dinner was brief. tasty, enjoyably heart-filled..... i feel like home; i do.

1. Steamed Ikan Kerapu in Soy Sauce & Ginger
2. Tong Po Rou (Stew Pork Tong Po Style)
3. Traditional Fried Long Bean Egg with Sweet Chili Sauce
4. A Fish and A Bowl of meat each for my bro Eugene, and i.

i am actually heart broken now. very very heart broken. i searched for 3 days and 3 nights already for this *NEW* bottle of perfume with the lotions; which came together wrapped in a set.....

it's gone. 2 sets of new perfumes. <<<>>> *heart broken.*

mum said she might have kept it away when i was at Australia so that they won't be covered by dust; but my previous maid ran away, and i highly doubt she stole it cuz mum said she is very CERTAIN the only place she kept them was in that ONE particular cupboard.

now its G.O.N.E. forever...

bring my baby back to me .....!!! ))):