Sunday, December 23, 2007

101% PINK !

i hereby declare the launch of my PINK car i've been missing and mentioning about ALL THIS TIME at Australia! it'll begin to HIT THE ROAD on 17th January 2008 AFTER my PRK Lasik eye surgery on the 11th!!!!!!!!!! (ALSO the day i've been waitinggg for soooo longggggggggg~!)

i havent been updating my blog these 3 days or so because i went to check my eyes, (AND bumped into Jason Phoon @ 1 Utama for the 1STTT time... LOL!), AND the doctor said that there are still a few micro holes on my left cornea surface so i have to W.A.I.T. sienzzz~

ANYWAY, dont be shocked because this post is so, so..... PINK... and.......... Silly??? LOL!!! *=S

my PINK car !!!!! (FRONT)

and (BACK!)

i'm a Barbie girl , in a Barbie world ~ ~ ~ *^o^*

as HOT as its MASTER~ WAHAHAHA!!!!!


Which , is better (?)

Choice 1 :




Choice 2 :



D (HAHAHA!!!) Car Wash!

Some more "NORMAL" shots .....

Some CANDID-LIKE Shots .....

na... this is not my car. LOL~ its DAD's!!! and i NEVER get to drive it. so just can pose lorrr... )))=

Some FUNNY Shots !!!

V.I.P = Very. Important. Princess. on BOARD !

messing around with the pink soft toysss in my car carrrrr ~~~

bro Gene who got VERY exhausted being my photographer oF thE daY; he felt as if he got knocked down by a static car. HAHAHA!!!

what's THIS?!

gettin' more and more frolicsome .....

Being Body Beautiful Starts The Minute You Walk With Confidence !!!

Eve and PaYaya

it feels good to be home. i can finally swim in my OWN pool without having to WORRY about the TEMPERATURE outside, or what SEASON it is, or how many gallons of diluted and discolored pee is mixed with the chlorine water which those AMC (Australian Maritime College) people change once every... thirty yearsss? fifty?? YUCK!

OK pink peeps~! Pink Princess is goin' to bed... Gettin' late ere! Sweet Dreams~~~ *^o^*