Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Rojak-ed My Life!

So many things came up AND are coming up for me! Tomorrow i'll be going up to KL again; 2 days and a night stay @ Airene's. Meeting up Darren for breakfast at 8.30 a.m, repair my 2 cameras @ Mid Valley Megamall, pick up by Airene to 1U at noon, shop for my new room decorations @ IKEA in the evening, meeting Jason in between, partying / yum cha at night... *=S

I should really wear the right attire to suit ALL occasionsssss. LOL!!!

Anyway, that's for tomorrow. As for yesterdays..........

Canton-i Restaurant @ 1U

1. Shrimp dumplings soup
2. Fried Beef Hor Fun

3. Mango Tong Yuin with EXTRA Mangoes
(something like that lah, the name~)

i'm very sure the names of these dishes given sounded wayyy better; but i just-couldnt-be-bothered to remember them lah~ Cuz i'm not paid also rite? HAHAHA!!!

and we definitely ordered more; but my parents started savoring them before i could take a few more snaps... @@

me, after my *new* haircut with my EXTRA yummylicious MANGO tang yuen!!!

mummy and i; but here my lovely mummy lai bu ji smile today!!! >.<
daddy daddy daddy i love yiuuu~!!!!! :DDD

Stayed over my Aunt's *NEW* Banglo @ Seri Kembangan Equine Park...

pose, pose, pose~

loving' you~ is the sweetest thing to do~~ lol! Now THAT'S random!

baby Julian wants to swim! eee... so cute! i like this emo baby shot i took. hehe!!

in my cousin's room...

i obviously had my own photo shoot session. HAHAHA!!! -___-""

passing thru...

the living room ,

dining room...



where mum cooked :

BAK - KUT - TEH !!!!! almost 1 year din eat liao lehhh~

and for EVERYONE too!!! ^^

then mum taught me how to make tang yuen, BUT with them bathing in PUMPKIN soup~!!!

colorful glutinous rice balls ,

butter ,

butter + pumpkin = stirrrrr stirrrrrrrr

mummy stirring "pro-ly"

i'm preparing the suga, babe!!

DONE !!!


i don't know why i prefer the pumpkin wan more than the traditional ginger soup wan leh~

DIM SUM DAY @ Puchong Area

baby Julian's BLUE T-Shirt says:

Someone who loves me very much went to TASMANIA and bought me this T-Shirt!

guess WHO bought it and is ALSO wearing BLUE??? LOL!

Back to Johor, we had nice food TOO! Whats under those pink covers...??? ^^

Mum customized MY Nutritious Picturesque Christmas Eve's Lunch!!!

. . . . .
TA DA !!!
. . . . .

Grilled Crispy Chicken with Cheese Mustard Sauce, Caramelized Diced Carrots, Deep Fried Mushrooms, and Broccolis!

Mango Prawn Salad with Anchovies ^^

mum's GREAT deep fried mushies~!

the PERFECTO LUNCH for a girl like ME!!!

MUA hahaha!!! Completed, habisss keringgg!

Christmas Eve's Healthy Slimming Dinner...

Dried Scallop with Stewed Radish in REAL Chicken Broth

Japanese Tuna Story

My 2007's Christmas Lunch...

my mum's from Kuala Terengganu; so how can we miss out the LAKSA Terengganu???!!! LOL!!! i had 5 plates; and you WOULDN'T BELIEVE ME!!!!! >.<

& for Christmas Dinner???

{The -I SWEAR THIS! IS THE WORLD's MOST TASTY EVER!!!} Crab Rice and the delectable Tick-Tock Chicken !!!

Grandpa's Fish Soup Recipe

Teo Chew Style Steam Fish!!! tangy tangy~~!!

101% Original Home Made Fruit Cake for Christmas ...

Merry Christmas everyone... tho i'm a lil' too late... gotta go pack NOW!

x.o.x.o everyone!! i love u!!! (((: