Sunday, November 25, 2007

Ramblings You Wanna Hear

this is gonna be a simple post.

1. Pasta Resistance

My best friend and i

the taukeh thinks that we are hot and gave us FREE garlic bread!!! :DDD

PaSSStaaa ~

Miss C and Airene jie !

2. Mt. Elephant Pancakes

Carefully selecting the BEST from the menu

Siew Yng and Airene in blue and pink

Banana Toffee pancake in Chocolate Sauce!!!

i heart !

savory pancake : Gourmet Style

Airene and i in pink and white

Miss C and Yng in white and blue

pink white blue . as simple as that .

3. The Candy Store

pa rap pap pap pa raz ziiii shot !!

my favourite jelly beansssss in the WHOLE WIDE WORLDDD i tell youuu!!!!!

Jelly Belly™!! you can get em' all online as well!!

Mix & Match and you get wonders! i mixed grape and peanut butter and Gobber™ came out! :DDD

a Big Fan now . LOL !!!

4. Shops & Streets of Tasmania Island

Tasmania 's James Blunt . ehh , serious !!! you see, he lan si~

100% Tasmanian wine i bought for daddy... (((:

quaint pink shop

Most exquisite HAND MADE chocolates in the WORLD is found HERE !!!!!

on the bus home...

5. Lonnies (Clubbing)

empty dance floor at 12 a.m on a Friday night . how impressive .

Airene on the blank stage

chio bu ss

Felix the Cat and Airene in her new Hat ! lol

Yowie , me , and bored Joseph

the guys lorh, what else ~

drunk dude in green | ME | random .

siao langsss

6. From My Kitchenette

Claypot Chicken Rice (my mum's old skool recipe) hehe..

Steamed Egg with Minced Pork and Vegemite with Porridge! (back to lunch time @ granny's house!)

7. Airene 's farewell breakfast @ Mc D Invermay

Hot Breakfast for Hot people ! hahaha !!!


..... HOT CAKES !!!!!

T-Shirt pose , tau tak ? the next time you wear T-Shirt must do this pose .

the naturalistic acting pose - very laid back . nice !

Siew Yng , Chrissy , and Ester with their morning coffees and mags ~ i like this feeling !!!

the last (COMPLETE) group pic of the girls... Airene lahhh! all your fault. *sulk*


my wife at the darn LAUNCESTON airport!!!

but don't blame it lahhh~ cuz without it i can't fly home also. ceh! HA - HA - HA!!!

20 days to go, 20 DAYS TO GO!! very fast wan, very FASTTT wannn..... RIGHT?!?!?! right or not?????

10 days stay at Siew Yng's place, 10 days at Ester's place. YES!! gao timm. then can GRADUATE, then CHAO!!! wOO hOO!!!

i am coming hommme, I AM COMING HOME, guys!!! am so exxxciteddddd!!! please wait for me before doing anything chio or going to any cool places!! i wanna check em' out with ya tooOoo!!!!!

am SO gonna make a list of who to date with! of course one with the bloggers too!!! am so fucking excited! i aint good with new people or strangers and never have i done things like this BEFORE, never have i been away from home for SO longgg BEFORE..!

ahhh~ please just love me! cause i love all of you peeps and i wanna give everyone i know know AND do NOT know a BIG kiss and a BIGGG h.u.gggggg!!!

*xoXOXOxo* (((: