Friday, November 23, 2007

Colours of Our Spheres

the more unexpectedly you get to know a person, the more exciting the story unfolds. it's about the unexpected, not how different it all started. it's about how it starts, not how it ends. i realized that simple beginnings are much more beautiful than complicated ones because only then, the story ends well.

when some think that love is real only when you feel sparks at the first sight, some think love takes time to ferment; when you see this person everyday and it becomes a routine, you realize one day that you can't live without him/her, that is where real love is formed.

i loved someone even before i met him, it was unexpected, it is queer. but because its so different and complicated from the start, our story is no happy ending. 3 weeks ago i knew this man by the sea shore from a friend, we began hanging out everyday doing nothing but just talking crap, and he fell in love with me.

let's say he, someone, and i are watching a movie together at the cinema. he likes me, but i like someone, and someone will only like her who will only loves no one but herself. we are sitting in the same row, why don't you look into our eyes... are we starring at the screen or trying to figure out what's in each other's heart every tick and tock?

the saying goes: when one door closes, the other always opens. but i think, if one is too blind to see the open one, may s/he remain behind the closed door as long as they want; even if it takes forever. the secret is? each door has only one lock; and each lock has only one key. and this precious key only belongs to one owner who has faith in him/herself. you get what i mean?