Sunday, November 18, 2007

G-Strings Recipe

Guess what we Girls are holding !?!?!?

Kristen | Ain | Miss C | Irene

The answer is :

Golden Syrup Gyoza!!! (Dumplings!!!)

Ever heard of this??? i don't-think so lohhhh~~~ q:

Kristen looking for utensils and ingredients

Irene and Kris measuring the flour

Ain using a golden toy-like sieve!

And she got angry using it! HAHAHA!!!

Buttered fingersss!!!

The 2 GOLDEN ingredients : Egg and melted butter!!

Dough! Duh~

Golden Gyoza bathing in Golden syrup

in the meantime...

whip cream~!

i'm really working it out, OK! not posing!

the tradition.

tradition INDEED!!

bathing gyoza s. LOL!

Scoooooopppp ittttt outtttt nowwwwwww ~! ~! ~! ~! ~! ~!


Complimentary Creammm

The sweet sweet couple; good ol' David and dear lovely Kristen who generously shares with us her grandma's secret recipe

We are holding the golden syrup dumplings. have you guessed it right? (: